How to maintain stable operation of grinding and grading operation

Grinding and grading is a complicated process. Changes in the nature of the ore and water volume and the interference of various external factors have made the grinding and grading difficult. The ball mill and grading unit may have some problems during operation, such as the efficiency when the interference is small. Low state; when the interference is large, the operation process will fluctuate greatly, ball milling will swell or empty, and the grading will run rough or return to excessive sand, and even form a vicious circle. How to maintain stable operation of grinding and classification operations under interference is an urgent problem that needs to be solved in the production process.

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Because there are many random interference factors in the grinding and classification, the process is long, the lag is large, and there are many parameters to be controlled and the correlation is large. If you only control each sub-process individually, several independent closed-loop systems can be formed, which can only reach a stable level, and the unit cannot fully exert its efficiency. Therefore, the entire process must be comprehensively controlled.

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