How to control the sludge dehydrator inverter?​

1. The processing capacity of the sludge dewatering machine is controlled within an appropriate range, and the sludge flow rate, flocculant flow rate and difference are adjusted to avoid frequent system fluctuations and affect the treatment effect due to sudden increase in load caused by equipment overload. Achieve greater equipment processing efficiency;

2. When the sludge concentration changes, it is necessary to adjust the flocculant flow rate and differential speed in time to ensure the treatment effect and avoid waste; if the sludge flow increases or the sludge concentration increases, the flocculant flow tracking increases, and the differential speed increases accordingly; When the sludge flow rate decreases or the sludge concentration decreases, the flocculant flow rate tracking decreases, and the differential speed decreases accordingly;

3. The flocculant is not good, only suitable. The type and consumption of the flocculant depends on the match between the quality of the agent and the nature of the sludge, and also on the match with the equipment structure type and operating conditions. Only the three are better. The combination of operation can achieve better treatment effect and higher treatment efficiency under the condition of lower flocculant consumption.

4. The performance of the mud biscuit degree should be combined with the torque data to determine the better differential speed value range. In principle, the lower differential speed should be used as far as possible to achieve a good processing effect and save flocculants without causing the centrifuge to block and meeting the processing capacity. Consumption.

5. The work that all on-site management and operators have to do is to continuously observe, adjust in time and be good at summarizing, and seek the best and relatively stable cooperation of all working conditions and parameters in the various changes that may occur. Under normal circumstances, this kind of observation and adjustment should be carried out once every 1 to 2 hours. It is necessary to strictly avoid the situation that the equipment operating condition parameters are maintained for a long time or one shift without any adjustment after the start of the machine. The on-site operators Laziness or weak sense of responsibility is one of the main reasons for the low long-term operation efficiency of the sludge dewatering workshop, large fluctuations in the treatment effect, and waste of medicine consumption.

6. Check the dewatering effect of the dewatering machine frequently. If the separation liquid (or filtrate) is found to be turbid and the rate of solids turning back decreases, the reasons should be analyzed in time, and specific measures should be taken to solve them.

7. Frequently observe the effect of sludge dewatering. If the solid content of the sludge cake decreases, the situation should be analyzed and targeted measures should be adopted to solve it.

8. Frequently observe the operating conditions of the sludge dewatering device, and take corrective measures for abnormal phenomena to ensure normal operation.

9. Enough flushing time of the dehydrator should be ensured every day. When the dehydrator listens to the machine, rinse the inside and the whole body of the machine to ensure cleanliness and reduce odor. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to rinse after the accumulated mud is dry.

10. In accordance with the requirements of the dehydrator, perform frequent observation and inspection and maintenance of the machine.

11. Always pay attention to check the wear and tear of the dehydrator, and replace it when necessary.

12. Timely discover the damage to the filter belt caused by the sand particles in the mud that the dewatering machine enters. If the damage is serious, it should be replaced in time.

13. Make a record of analysis and measurement.

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