How the shaker works

Everyone must be very familiar with the shaker, so maybe everyone is not sure how the shaker works. Here is an introduction to the working principle of the shaker:

①Banding of materials on the bed surface and interception of products. When the operating conditions are suitable, it is obvious that the materials are separated on the shaker, and the products are cut according to the required sorting index, which can be divided into 2 to 4 kinds of products. China Mines generally needs to be reprocessed. When the operating conditions change, the zoning situation will change accordingly. At this time, the access position must also be adjusted accordingly to ensure the stability of the selection index. Therefore, shaker operators must stick to their posts, closely monitor the zoning situation, and make necessary adjustments at any time.

②In addition, the lateral slope of the shaker must match the size of the lateral water flow to have a good selection effect.

③The size of flushing water should be appropriate. The flushing water includes two parts: feed water and washing water. The flushing water should be evenly distributed on the bed surface and the size should be appropriate. The grade of flushing water concentrate is improved, but the recovery rate is reduced. Generally, when handling coarse-grained materials or selecting, the flushing water should be larger. Dry with a dryer.

④The ore concentration is appropriate. For ore concentration, it is necessary to ensure that the slurry can have sufficient fluidity and stratification along the bed surface, and the water depth can immerse the ore particles. In general, the concentration of coarse sand is 20%. 30%, the concentration of fine-grained ore is 15%-25%. Most of the water in the feed mine flows down laterally along the tailing belt, and the fine mud is easily washed away, causing the loss of fine-grained metal minerals.

⑤Appropriate stroke and frequency. The appropriate value of stroke and stroke is mainly related to the particle size of the selected materials, the load of the shaker and the density of the ore. When processing materials with a large particle size and a thick bed, large strokes and small strokes are used; when processing fine sand and sludge, the opposite is true, and small strokes and large strokes should be used. When the load on the bed surface increases or when materials with higher density are selected, larger strokes and strokes should be used. The appropriate value of stroke and stroke should be determined by careful examination in practice.

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