How much do you know about the operating procedures of the wheel mill planetary mixer

Wheel mill planetary mixerAs a special refractory equipment, its specially designed stirring device makes the stirring speed faster and more uniform, avoiding the occurrence of pile-up.. How much do you know about the operating procedures of the wheel mill planetary mixer?

The operating rules of the wheel mill planetary mixer must be strictly followed and implemented by each operator, mainly including the following points:

1. The operation of the wheel-rolled planetary mixer must be a professional operator who is familiar with the main parameters, performance and characteristics of the mixer, and carefully implement the operating procedures of the mixer.Industrial operators are prohibited from operating the equipment.

2. Before turning on the refractory mixer, check the accessories carefully. After confirming that the mixer is normal, turn on the equipment and run for one minute, and then put it into production after confirming that the condition is normal..

3. During the operation of the refractory mixer-wheel mill planetary mixer, do not add lubricating oil or make adjustments, and it is strictly forbidden to reach into the hopper or mixing drum.Explore the feed situation.

4. After the refractory equipment is finished, all the materials in the mixer must be unloaded, cleaned with water, and then all switches and pipelines shall be turned off in order to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment.Cleaning and maintenance.

Wheel mill planetary mixerThe safe operation of the company is related to the safety of everyone’s life. During the operation, we must uphold a rigorous and serious attitude, pay attention to details, and find problems in a timely manner.Problems, safe production, efficient work!

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