Hongfeng introduces the function and principle of the latest automatic exhaust valve

 Introduction to automatic exhaust valve

During the operation of the heating system and HVAC system, the many adverse effects caused by the gases released when the water is heated (such as hydrogen, oxygen, etc.) will damage the system and reduce the heating effect. If these gases cannot be discharged in time, many undesirable effects will be produced. as a result of. Such as: corrosion caused by oxidation; the formation of air pockets in the radiator; the hot water circulation is not smooth and unbalanced, so that some radiators are not hot locally; the noise when the pipe is running with air; the vortex phenomenon of the circulating pump. This shows the important role of using automatic exhaust valves.

The design of the new automatic exhaust valve takes into account all known unfavorable factors, such as impurities, oil, suspended solids in the water, turbulence caused by the liquid in the valve during exhaust, and vibration of the pipes and equipment connected to the exhaust valve. ) Has excellent performance: whether it is running when the system is just adding water (a lot of gas is discharged when the system is just running) or when the system pressure is too high and proper drainage and pressure relief are required, it can operate reliably.

  1. Features of exhaust valve:

1. Reliable performance. The exhaust mechanism of the exhaust valve is very reliable. Before leaving the factory, each valve has passed the exhaust test and pressure seal test.The individual components are cast with high precision

Manufactured to get a perfect assembly.

2. Convenient maintenance. The automatic exhaust is equipped with a blocking valve. The blocking valve allows the exhaust valve to be easily removed from the system for maintenance, and the water in the system will not flow out, so there is no need to empty the system.

3. Only exhaust, not drain. The steam and water separation disc is designed with a special structure to ensure no drainage when exhausting.

4. As long as the system has pressure, the exhaust valve will continuously exhaust.

 2. Main purpose:

Automatic exhaust valve is used for: independent heating system; central heating system; floor radiation heating system; solar heating system; heat pump system; central air conditioning; heating boiler, etc.

 Three, the working principle of the automatic exhaust valve

Hongfeng believes that when there is air in the system, the gas accumulates on the upper part of the exhaust valve, and the accumulation of bubbles in the body causes the float to drop with the water level, so the exhaust piston is opened; after the gas is exhausted, the water level rises, and the float also rises. Close the exhaust piston. If the bonnet on the side of the valve body is tightened, the exhaust valve stops exhausting. Normally, the bonnet should be in an open state.

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