Hilink teaches you how to choose an optical vacuum coating machine?

At present, the number of domestic vacuum coating equipment manufacturers is increasing, there are hundreds of them, and there are also many abroad. So how to choose a suitable supplier among so many brands? How to choose the right vacuum coating equipment manufacturer? This It is up to everyone to identify. Now Hailing Refrigeration will work with you to identify the vacuum coating equipment supplier that is truly suitable for you.

1. Determine the level of the vacuum coating equipment manufacturer according to your product positioning. If your product is positioned in the mid-to-high-end market, you must choose mid-to-high-end equipment. On the contrary, you can choose mid-end or mid-to-low-end equipment. Of course, if the funds are sufficient, it is best to buy a mid-to-high-end device with richer performance and more stable quality.

2. The characteristics of high-end equipment, equipment stability must be good, and the selected accessories must be reliable. The coating machine itself is a complex system, including vacuum, automation, machinery and other systems. Any unreliability of any component will cause The instability of the system will bring inconvenience to production. Therefore, a stable equipment must ensure that every component selected is reliable. Many people will naturally compare when buying a coating machine. There may not be a very big difference in the basic configuration of the coating machine and a 2 million coating machine, but it is the mastery of some tiny details that makes a stable performance coating machine.

3. Look at which company’s vacuum coating equipment is selected by well-known companies in the same industry. This is undoubtedly the least risky option.

4. There are basically two types of vacuum pumping systems at present, one is a diffusion pump system and the other is a molecular pump system. The molecular pump system is a clean pumping system without the oil return phenomenon of the diffusion pump, and the pumping speed is relatively stable. Moreover, it is relatively electricity-saving, and the expenditure of electricity is a large part of the production and operation costs of coating enterprises. The regular maintenance of the pump system is very important, especially the regular replacement of lubricating oil. Pay attention to the choice of the oil brand. The wrong choice can easily damage the vacuum pump.

5. The vacuum detection system currently basically uses a combination of composite vacuum gauges, thermocouple gauges + ionization gauges. This combination is likely to be poisoned and damage the ionization gauge when it encounters a process of filling a large amount of gas containing the element C. If the process of plating a gas containing a large amount of C element, it can be considered to configure a capacitor film gauge.

6. Vacuum power supply, the gap between domestic power supply and imported power supply is quite obvious. Of course, the price is relatively favorable. A domestic 20KW intermediate frequency power supply is about 80,000, and an imported intermediate frequency power supply is 200,000. The performance and reliability of the imported power supply are Performance and stability will be better. Domestic power supplies may be better in service than imported power supplies because they are produced in China.

7. Control system. Now many coating machines adopt fully automatic control, but the difference in automatic control is still very big. Most of them are still in semi-automatic state, which can truly realize fully automatic control, one-button operation of coating There are not many equipments, and whether to provide sufficient safety interlocks during operation in automatic control, the functional modules are also very different.

8. Do you need to configure a low-temperature trap PolyCold? The low-temperature trap can be said to be an icing on the cake. It can greatly increase the pumping speed, adsorb the condensable gas in the vacuum chamber on the cold coil, and purify the vacuum The indoor atmosphere makes the film quality better. In the hot and humid summer, the use of low-temperature traps undoubtedly improves production efficiency to a large extent.

9. Hailingke cold water circulation system, the coating machine needs to be equipped with a cooling water circulation system. The cooling water is best to use deionized water, which has a great effect on corrosion prevention, especially the welding bead of the vacuum chamber, some parts that are easy to rust, etc. Both have a good inhibitory effect. Some preservatives can be added to deionized water to prevent corrosion.

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