Henan Gushi Industrial Cluster: Mechanical processing and manufacturing become dominant

For Cheng Wanli, whose hometown is in Xinyang, 2011 is destined to be a turning point. Prior to this, he was still engaged in the manufacturing and processing industry in Wuxi; after that, he and his partners financed and built a subsidiary of Sijili Machinery-Henan Jieshengda New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which has been in the industrial cluster of his hometown. Settled and opened for construction.

“The company was put into production in the first phase in April 2012, and the second phase was put into operation in June 2013, and the third phase is under planning.” In an interview the day before yesterday, speaking of the company’s development momentum, the company’s general manager Cheng Wanli appeared confident and calm. The production line is becoming more and more mature, and 80%-90% of the products are exported to Germany, the United States, Brazil and other parts of the world. The top ten wind power companies in the world are our customers. The company’s 2014 orders have been signed, and the annual output value is nearly 500 million yuan. “

After listening, the reporter found that in this company named “Jieshengda New Energy”, there are as many as tens of thousands of products, and the industry involved is quite wide. At present, it mainly processes and produces solar photovoltaic inverters and wind power generation. Motor vehicles, motor cars, yacht parts, etc. According to the plan, in the near future, the company will also launch advanced production lines such as food processing equipment and mining machinery manufacturing.

In daily life, these products seem to be uncommon but are always “hidden” around us. “Almost every domestic EMU’s roof frame is welded and assembled by us.” Cheng Wanli cited an example. In the production workshop, when the reporter witnessed the welding scene, he couldn’t help but admire it. Because what is in front of us is that a small welding robot is waving a slender single arm for work. “We use the most advanced laser welding technology, and use the air-space welding method. There are no more than 3 domestic companies that can do this technology.”

It is really surprising that such a company with high-tech and strong productivity has brought hundreds of millions of yuan to settle in the agricultural county of Gushi. What’s the reason? Let us set the time back to 2010. This year, Wuxi Sijili Machinery Company, where Cheng Wanli is located, faced problems such as plant demolition and rising labor costs; at the same time, Gushi is actively adopting the two-wheel drive of “rooting culture and attracting investment” in Shanghai, Wuxi, and Suzhou. Other places actively undertake the transfer of industries from coastal areas.

“I chose Gushi because we were locals and there were abundant land and labor resources in the area.” Cheng Wanli recalled, “In contrast, Gushi also had many preferential policies, including the government’s service attitude, Taxation policies, etc.” Facts have proved that after settled in the Gushi Industrial Cluster, project approval, environmental assessment, land use, etc. are all “one-stop” services. In just 9 months, Jieshengda completed the project. The first phase of the project infrastructure, staff recruitment, equipment installation, etc.

In fact, the settlement and development of Jieshengda has become a vivid epitome of the development of machinery manufacturing industry in Gushi County. Driven by the company, a number of large-scale investment and high-tech projects such as Zhongda Precision Fasteners, Juyi Manufacturing, and Ximai Machinery Manufacturing have settled in Gushi. Nowadays, the mechanical processing and manufacturing industry has become the leading industry in the Gushi Industrial Cluster, and the industrial cluster is pulsing with a strong heart for the mechanical manufacturing industry.

Seize the opportunity to turn the weak into an advantage

Gushi, located at the junction of Henan and Anhui provinces, at the east end of Xinyang, used to be a famous agricultural and populous county with a weak industrial foundation. Nowadays, in the tide of the transfer of the central and western regions, the location, land and human resources of the central region have become the advantages of Gushi’s development of industry in the “time, place, and people”.

To seize the opportunity, we must take advantage of the trend. Gushi County took advantage of the opportunity of holding the Roots Cultural Festival to set up a special investment team to actively introduce related enterprises around the leading industry of equipment manufacturing, forming agglomeration and radiation effects, and successfully making the local machinery manufacturing industry scale and distinctive.

To seize opportunities, we must base ourselves on development reality. Gushi is a large agricultural county with a large population. It has rich labor resources and convenient transportation. It vigorously develops finance, culture, e-commerce, machinery manufacturing, logistics, etc. It has advantages and potentials. Concentrate your efforts and make breakthroughs in key points, and you will be able to accomplish a lot.

To seize opportunities, we must strengthen the talent strategy. Machinery manufacturing is a high-tech industry. At present, the core technical personnel required by “Jieshengda” still have to be imported from other places. Cultivating a team of highly qualified and skilled employees is a top priority. The establishment of “Jieshengda” in Gushi will also drive and promote the construction of local talent teams. Through the introduction, training and other ways to transform the abundant labor resources into talent advantages, the future Gushi will usher in a period of rapid development.

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