Have you solved the problem of repairing the rotary kiln tyre?

The rotary kiln company has developed a new material named “FGM”, that is, a new material with dispersion-strengthened composite metal gradient function. This is a series of special alloy powders, which are fusible, easy to fuse with the base material, and are It has comprehensive physical properties such as wear resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance of Henan sand making machine. The alloy formed after the powder is fused on the surface of the base material, and its metallographic structure is mainly pearlite, martensite, austenite and bidirectional wear-resistant alloy. When the deposited powder changes from solid to liquid and then to solid, the oxide on the surface of the substrate metal is deoxidized, and low-melting borosilicate slag floats out to form a protective film, so that the molten alloy and the processed solid base Materials and metals achieve metallurgical bonding.

In this process, the metal on the surface of the substrate penetrates and diffuses into the molten metal, and finally forms a metallurgical infiltrated alloy layer. In the construction process, according to different substrate materials and different layer requirements such as bonding layer, transition layer, working layer, processing layer, etc., choose matching powders for welding. Repeat the above cladding process, you can get a dense structure, excellent hardness, strength and toughness of the bonding layer, so that the repaired surface to achieve the special purpose of strengthening the wear and corrosion resistance.

The thermal performance of rotary kiln tyres and supporting rollers in the cement industry is poor. Sand making equipment such as hematite beneficiation equipment and sand making machine manufacturers are running under high temperature and heavy load for a long time, and the working environment is relatively harsh. Pitting corrosive spalling or serious fatigue damage, repair is very difficult. The main problems are as follows:

(1) Pitting and spalling. Tyre belts are often supported by idler rollers. The contact between idler rollers and tyre belts produces a large Hertzian stress. This stress is a local high stress. The tyre belt will become fatigued under the long-term action of this pulsating stress. Pitting corrosion. After the pitting corrosion expands, a large area of ​​spalling will occur. The spalling area of ​​Xiangfan Xinsanli Cement Co., Ltd. I have seen is as large as 360×1200mm2.

Rod mill prices, sand making machine production line prices, rod mill prices, etc. are the main beneficiation equipment and crushing equipment on the market.

(2) Peeling and crushing. The material of the tyre is generally carbon cast steel or 35SiMn, 42CrMnSi and other materials. Due to casting defects, the axial hardness of the tyre is uneven and the structure is inconsistent. Under a high load, the structure of the tire material is loose, and the grinding equipment such as drying equipment and sand making machine prices will be crushed, crimped, and collapsed where the hardness is low. In addition, due to casting defects, subcutaneous voids, large areas of looseness, blisters, etc., will also cause peeling and indentation.

(3) Fracture. The radial or axial fracture of the tyre is completely broken in the radial direction, and the inner arc changes, which is difficult to repair on site. The axial crack is not completely cracked and can be repaired by any means.

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