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Various military and civilian tents, camp beds, water storage appliances, personal equipment, fire escape devices… On the 12th, the 2009 Beijing International Disaster Reduction and Emergency Technology and Equipment Expo opened in Beijing, attracting visitors from all walks of life.

According to the organizer of the expo, this expo is China’s first comprehensive disaster reduction and emergency exposition featuring high technology and the theme of promoting the industrialization of disaster reduction and emergency response. Advanced disaster reduction and emergency technology and products fully demonstrate China’s achievements in various fields of disaster reduction, enhance the public’s awareness of disaster reduction and emergency response, and promote the development of disaster reduction in China.

The reporter saw at the expo that nearly two hundred domestic and foreign related companies participated in the expo, with more than a thousand types of exhibits, covering agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, meteorology, geology, health, transportation, public security, municipal construction and other fields. Disaster prevention and mitigation equipment.

In addition, the Expo also opened a “Disaster Reduction Achievement and Popular Science Public Welfare Exhibition Zone”, which introduced China’s natural disasters and the great achievements of disaster prevention and reduction since the reform and opening up in the form of text and pictures.

During the expo, the “2009 Beijing International Disaster Reduction and Emergency Industry Development Summit Forum” will also be held. Government officials, experts, scholars and business representatives will jointly discuss mechanisms, policies and approaches to foster and promote the development of China’s disaster reduction and emergency industry.

According to reports, the three-day expo is co-sponsored by the National Disaster Reduction Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the China Disaster Prevention Association, and the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce.

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