Fujian Ningde cantilever crane manufacturer’s strength conquers everything

Fujian Ningde cantilever crane manufacturers have very important requirements for the stability of the cantilever crane. For this, you can also take some methods to increase the stability of the cantilever crane. For example, when storing the cantilever crane by some methods, how should it be stored? Can the cantilever crane increase the stability of the cantilever crane?
Fujian Ningde cantilever crane sales manufacturers come to talk about it in detail.
One: When the cantilever crane is in storage, it is necessary to pay attention to some storage matters. First, it is necessary to ensure the upper block and the lower cushion, and the second is to ensure that there is a certain amount of ventilation space for the cantilever crane to prevent it from reacting during storage; for some Metal products that are more susceptible to corrosion must be carefully preserved;
Two: In addition to mastering the correct storage method, you also need to choose a suitable environment. It is best to choose a warehouse. If it is other venues, the drainage must be unblocked, and the environment must be kept clean and there must be no air. Harmful gas or some other dust, avoid affecting the cantilever crane;
Three: Different types and specifications of cantilever cranes should be stored separately to avoid confusion;
Four: For some large steel materials, if they cannot be stored in a warehouse, they can also be placed in the open air.
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