Frequent rises in oil prices do not hurt the overall situation, the advantages of small-displacement models are more obvious

Reader Mr. Gong bought the car the day after the gas price rose to 6.8 yuan. However, he is mentally prepared for the rise in oil prices. In order to facilitate the transportation of children and commute to and from get off work every day, it is obvious that the oil price factor is not enough to reduce the demand for cars, and the actual oil price has not touched the psychological defense of most people.

As oil prices continue to rise, dealers’ cars are still selling hotly. Industry insiders believe that rigid demand is still the ultimate factor that determines the ups and downs of the auto market.

Status: Obvious advantages for small-displacement cars

The reporter learned in an interview with the Shencheng Auto Market a few days ago that although the current price of No. 93 gasoline has reached 6.8 yuan, the dealer’s car has not been unsalable due to the increase in oil prices. It is reported that mainstream small-displacement models under mainstream brands such as Roewe Automobile, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, and Dongfeng Nissan are still popular in the Shencheng auto market, and sales are still maintaining steady growth.

A dealer in Beier Road told reporters that although oil prices have risen recently, overall car sales have remained relatively stable, and there has been no downturn due to rising oil prices. Some hot-selling models are still in short supply.

Experts in the industry said that for most consumers, oil prices have little effect on car purchase factors. As far as the current auto market is concerned, although the purchase tax has been abolished, the appeal of new cars and the promotional offers from car dealers can still promote the auto market.

The relevant person in charge of Shenyang Xintong Buick believes that although the oil price has risen, the country is still implementing the energy-saving subsidy policy, which allows car buyers to get a lot of benefits, and the higher the oil price, the advantage of small-displacement models will be It becomes more obvious.

Consumers: oil prices have not yet reached the psychological bottom line

The reporter spent a week investigating and interviewing some car owners. Among the 20 car owners surveyed by the reporter, more than half believed that the oil price was adjusted too frequently. 42.7% of the car owners thought the adjustment was too large, while a few car owners made it clear that they wanted Reduce car usage.

Among the 20 prospective car owners surveyed by the reporter, half of them said that the increase in fuel prices will inevitably affect their car purchases, and that they will postpone their car purchase plans for a longer period of time. And a large part of the remaining 10 prospective car owners also expressed that they will lower their original expectations of displacement, and instead target smaller displacement models.

Car owners generally believe that the increase in fuel prices has increased the cost of using cars, making it more difficult to maintain their own cars. At the same time, some car owners said that they will change the original habit of using a car to maintain a car.

The owner of the car, Ms. Wang, lives in Tiexi. In addition to her private car, the subway is another option for her. “I can take the subway. If the weather is bad or there is no need to drive, I will choose to take the subway.” Ms. Wang told reporters.

In interviews with many car owners and prospective car owners, the reporter felt that for most consumers, the current oil price is still acceptable, but if the price of 93# gasoline reaches 7 yuan or more, then it’s really time to consider whether to continue using it. Car and whether it’s time to buy a car.

Manufacturer: Consumer rigid demand is still strong

Nowadays, cars are not just a simple means of transportation for Chinese people, but also a kind of “props” for people to show off their strength in a certain sense, coupled with the powerful propaganda of car manufacturers and the media, the demonstration effect of relatives and friends, etc. , Chinese people’s desire to consume cars continues to be strong.

For example, Beijing has introduced purchase restrictions for “blocking control”, but on the first day of registration on the website, nearly 50,000 people registered first. We know that oil prices in Beijing are not low, but they have not affected consumers’ enthusiasm for buying cars.

Ruan Shujian, general manager of Shenyang Jixin Weiye Automobile, said in an interview: “The impact of rising oil prices on the auto market is far less restrictive than the price of the car itself, and the oil price factor is not enough under the cover of a strong desire to buy. This leads to a realistic reduction in automobile demand. However, oil prices will have a significant impact on the structure of automobile demand.”

Xinxing Wu, general manager of Shenyang Zhongzhao Automobile, also believes that after the increase in oil prices, small-displacement and fuel-efficient cars will sell better, while mid-range SUVs have higher fuel consumption and consumer groups are relatively sensitive to car costs, so they will be most affected. .

Extending Reading To Develop Good Habits When Driving

After the increase in oil prices, while less cars are being used, relevant experts advise car owners to develop good habits during driving.

An expert from the Shenyang Automobile Dealers Association believes that many car owners refuel when they shouldn’t refuel and step on the gas pedal when driving. These bad habits often waste fuel. Taking a 1.6-displacement car as an example, one kick of fuel costs at least. At around 1.3 yuan, it consumes more fuel by slamming the throttle. He suggested that the vehicle should be driven at a constant speed as much as possible and avoid slamming on the accelerator, especially when traveling on urban roads.

Develop good driving habits, and you can save a lot of gas money in the process of using the car.

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