Formnext2017 Frankfurt International Precision Molding and 3D Printing Manufacturing Exhibition begins to accept reservations

formnext 2016-innovation engine, global attention

On November 15-18, the formnext-Frankfurt International Precision Molding and 3D Printing Manufacturing Exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, once again achieved great success. Formnext has become the world’s most important exhibition and catalyst for the combination of adding and subtracting materials technology, and focuses on a new generation of intelligent production solutions.

The success story of formnext is continuing

In 2015, the first formnext was positioned as the world’s leading exhibition in Frankfurt. The 4-day exhibition in 2016 attracted 13,384 professional visitors from all over the world, and achieved a breakthrough development of diversified visitors. The exhibition showed the audience the efficiency of components and products from design to mass production. The 2016 exhibition data are as follows:

Exhibition area: 18,702 square meters (2016 data, 33% increase from 2015)
Exhibitors: 307 (2016 data, an increase of 51% compared to 2015)
Professional audience: 13,384 (2016 data, an increase of 49% compared to 2015)
Conference audience: 647 (2016 data, an increase of 143% compared to 2015)

Sascha F. Wenzler, vice president of formnext’s exhibition organizer, Messe Frankfurt Messe GmbH, is obviously very satisfied with the results of this year’s exhibition: “formnext 2016 sends a clear signal to the industry-although it is only the second edition, it has become an increase or decrease. The annual event in the wood industry. This year the exhibition attracted exhibitors from 28 countries. The number of exhibitors increased by 51% compared with 2015, and the audience also increased by 49%.”

The audience at the exhibition also praised the products and technologies displayed at the exhibition: “formnext is definitely a leading exhibition in the additive and subtractive material industry. The products and technologies displayed at the exhibition are very breakthrough. For me, this exhibition is, Undoubtedly, it is the most exciting exhibition of the year.” “No matter what happens, I will definitely come to visit formnext 2017.”

Global business platform
Another impressive aspect of formnext 2016 is its internationalization. 44% of the exhibition’s visitors are from outside Germany. They come from original equipment manufacturers and advanced companies in various industries around the world. The high-density audience and good atmosphere of the exhibition made the exhibitors very happy: “On the first day of the exhibition, our exhibition was surrounded by high-quality international audiences. Among them were Bosch and BMW from original equipment manufacturers. In general. In all, the effect of this exhibition is very good.” said Uri Resnik, CEO of OR LASER.

High-end summit, bringing together top speakers from technology and industry
In cooperation with TCT, the formnext summit allowed participants to see the future of additive manufacturing more closely, expanding their current and future developments and applications in subdivisions. The summit brought together many world-renowned 3D printing experts and attracted 647 participants from 25 countries.

Promote innovative thinking and innovative enterprises
There are also two competitions that attract the audience of formnext: Innovation Challenge and Purmundus Challenge. formnext collects innovative 3D printing ideas around the world, allowing viewers to see the infinite possibilities of additive manufacturing development. In the innovation zone, the audience had the opportunity to see surprising displays of young companies.

formnext 2017 has been confirmed to be held at the 3.0 & 3.1 exhibition halls of Frankfurt, Germany on November 14-17, 2017. I look forward to witnessing the combination and development of additive manufacturing with you again next year.

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