Forklift leasing concept gradually gains popularity

There is a popular saying in foreign countries: wise entrepreneurs will never transfer a large amount of cash from enterprises to the investment zone of fixed assets, because capital will only increase in value in the flow, and fixed assets can only be used to create profits. Because of this, foreign construction machinery, aircraft and ships, various vehicles, medical equipment, etc., are sold through lease. In my country, this type of leasing is rarely seen. In recent years, forklift rental and forklift leasing companies have emerged, which has enabled the forklift rental market to develop and some companies have realized the advantages of leasing.

As early as the China International Leasing Exhibition held in 2004, some well-known multinational manufacturers and leasing companies have sent a strong lineup to participate in the exhibition. Among the many exhibitors, foreign companies accounted for 70%, while domestic companies were very few. In fact, the exhibition also invited some large local equipment manufacturing companies to participate, but these companies feel that their products are selling well and there is no need to participate in any rental exhibition. For China’s leasing market, foreign companies are very jealous, while domestic companies have not really realized the business opportunities in front of them.

In recent years, this situation has changed. After the financial crisis, many companies do not want to spend a large amount of money on purchasing expensive equipment. Many equipment leasing companies have appeared in some big cities, such as forklift leasing and crane leasing, and equipment manufacturing companies have also begun to develop into the leasing industry. More and more companies realize that the profit brought by improving production efficiency is not the ownership of equipment, but the full use of the equipment. The company is more concerned about how to obtain the right to use efficient and advanced equipment with a high cost performance, not just Simply own the equipment. Therefore, the forklift leasing market has continued to develop, and more and more companies have begun to change their concepts: focus on core business, emphasize service outsourcing, and use forklift leasing to avoid risks. At present, forklift leasing is no longer a trade method in a simple sense, but is more used by enterprises in investment, financial management and operation management.

All in all, forklift leasing can reduce management costs for enterprises, increase maintenance speed and forklift utilization, and is the best choice for enterprises to achieve sustainable development and avoid risks.

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