Focus on Weihong’s “C Debut” for Electric Forklifts

“1.042 billion” is the global order record set by Tmall on Double Eleven in 2018. While we are feeling the miracle of e-commerce, we can’t help but lament the vigorous development of the logistics industry. It is reported that at 8 o’clock in the morning of Double Eleven, more than 260 cities across the country have signed for parcels that day. This is evident in the efficient order processing speed and parcel delivery speed of my country’s logistics and express industry.

In a mature and efficient logistics system, the role of electric forklifts cannot be ignored. With the implementation of the New Environmental Protection Policy and the development of green warehousing and distribution businesses, the development and research of lithium battery forklifts has become a trend in the forklift industry. And Weihong Power is a loyal supporter of the “C-bit debut” of assisting lithium batteries in the electric forklift industry.

Market demand welcomes the industry’s “blue ocean”

In recent years, due to the growth dividends of the e-commerce and express delivery industry, the development of the warehousing and logistics industry has been particularly eye-catching. According to data from the Global Trade and International Logistics Summit Forum, in 2017, the express delivery business volume exceeded 40 billion pieces and ranked first in the world, and China’s total cargo volume and cargo turnover volume have been ranked first in the world for many years.

The high volume of material and fluid has directly led to the rapid growth of my country’s forklift industry in recent years. According to data from the Industrial Vehicle Branch of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China’s forklift sales in 2017 were 496,700, of which the sales of electric forklifts reached 129,800, and the market share increased from 2009. 18% of the year rose to 26%. It is estimated that by 2020, the market sales of electric forklifts will exceed 40%.

Not only that, the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to “strengthen infrastructure network construction such as water conservancy, railways, highways, water transportation, aviation, pipelines, power grids, information, logistics, etc.” to raise the development industry of material fashion to the level of national economic strategy. Comprehensive analysis shows that the forklift market will maintain a good growth trend in the foreseeable future.

Lithium battery forklifts may become the “new favorite” in the market

Looking back at the domestic forklift market, even though internal combustion engine forklifts still dominate. However, as the new national environmental protection regulations and equipment emission standards become more stringent, the development and use costs of internal combustion forklifts will also rise. Domestic forklift companies have followed the trend of transformation, and replaced internal combustion forklifts with more economical and environmentally friendly electric forklifts through “oil-to-electricity”.

In the field of electric forklifts, lead-acid battery forklifts currently dominate, with lithium batteries accounting for less than 30%. However, because lithium batteries have the characteristics of small size, energy saving, high safety, long life, higher capacity, and declining costs year by year, they are widely used in manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, postal, wholesale and retail industries. Promotion.

The data shows that the sales of lithium battery forklifts in 2017 were 8,681 units, and the sales of lithium battery forklifts in the first half of 2018 have long surpassed the sales of the whole year of 2017. It is expected that the sales of lithium battery forklifts in 2018 will double by one. Fan. With the development of technology, it is just around the corner for lithium battery forklifts to reach the C position in the industry.

Focus on Weihong Power, and develop the electric forklift market

The development of each industry affects all links of the entire industrial chain. With the rapid growth of the lithium battery forklift market, the demand for lithium batteries has also risen. According to the forecast of the Advanced Industry Research Institute, China’s lithium battery forklifts will maintain a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% in the next three years. The demand for lithium batteries will increase from 1.3GWh in 2017 to 5.4GWh in 2020, a compound annual growth rate. More than 50%.

However, most domestic lithium battery forklift manufacturers cannot produce their own lithium batteries. Therefore, when lithium battery forklift companies deploy the market, they cannot do without the support of the upstream market. Under such circumstances, Weihong Power sniffed the business opportunity, entered the electric forklift market, and went hand in hand with forklift companies to write a new chapter.

In 2017, Weihong Power System (Huzhou) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd., becoming the only lithium battery supplier for Linde Forklift that has passed the supplier audit. Linde new energy forklifts combine to achieve a win-win situation. According to Linde Forklift’s feedback, Weihong Forklift’s fast-charging power battery system has been in operation so far, and it has achieved zero-fault and full-time operations.

The fast-charging power battery system provided by Weihong to Linde not only has super high performance and work efficiency, but also is safe and reliable. The equipment only needs 30 minutes to complete the vehicle charging, and it can be charged as soon as it arrives. At the same time, Weihong’s fast-charging power battery can achieve lifetime maintenance-free, and there is no need to replace the battery during the full life cycle of the vehicle, reducing operating costs.

The K series power battery is the flagship product designed by Weihong Power for application scenarios, inheriting the brand genes of fast charging, long life and high safety. This series provides customers with three different solutions of 0.5C, 1C, and 2C by choosing chargers of different specifications, which can be fully charged in half an hour at the fastest. The battery cycle life can reach 5000 times, and it can achieve the same life cycle as a forklift under most working conditions. In addition, the unique STL intelligent thermal control fluid technology can effectively control the battery operating temperature and improve the safety performance of the product.

In the field of electric forklifts, Weihong Power will help customers achieve more efficient and low-cost warehousing and logistics through continuous improvement of technology and industry solutions, ensuring the harmonious, fast and efficient circulation of people, machines and things, and promoting China The forward development of logistics equipment and technology.

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