Filling machine-“Rookie” in the packaging machine industry

With the improvement of people’s living standards, changes in lifestyles, and increased awareness of hygiene, the liquid automatic packaging machine equipment has good airtightness and good covering properties. Etc, So it is very popular with customers in the food industry, and domestic companies have also made gratifying breakthroughs in this field.

my country’s beverage and beer packaging machinery is gradually moving towards high-speed automated production lines, and Jiubo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.’s packaging machinery production has also made great progress. Some of the filling and sealing integrated equipment has reached the national advanced level, and some have been Can replace imported equipment.

With the packaging of polyester bottles becoming the mainstream, Jiubo Machinery Co., Ltd. specifically designed a liquid automatic packaging machine suitable for such packaging of polyester bottles. The liquid packaging machine is made of stainless steel in its process flow. It is easy and reliable to adjust packaging bag heat sealing, bag delivery length, packaging weight and heating temperature. It is simple and reliable, continuous filling accuracy is high, packaging speed is fast, and maintenance is convenient. It is an ideal equipment for users to get rich. .

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