Ferrous metal ball mill companies once again offer ninety-nine information

The ferrous metal ball mill company once again offers ninety-nine information:

(1) The backlash of the large and small gears of the cement ball mill needs to be no less than 1.4mm and no more than

(2) The tooth contact spots of the large and small gears of the cement ball mill should be not less than 50% of the tooth height direction along the tooth length direction; not less than 40%, and tend to the middle of the tooth flanks.

(3) The radial runout of the ring gear does not exceed 0.25mm per meter of pitch diameter, and the end face circle runout of the ring gear does not exceed the pitch diameter per meter.

(4) The end face of the gear ring of the cement ball mill and the flange of the cylinder body should be closely attached. If there is a gap of no more than 0.15mm, the gap between the butt joints of the split ring gear should not be greater than 0.1mm. The limit deviation is 0.005 modulus.

(5) For gear machining parts, check the tooth profile accuracy, tooth surface hardness, deep depth, center distance after assembly, contact accuracy, tooth backlash, etc., and have detailed inspection records.

(6) Material of large gear of cement ball mill:

(7) Material of pinion gear: 40Cr forgings, quenched and tempered

(8) Non-destructive flaw detection is carried out after rough processing by the cement ball mill, which meets the requirements of the product.

(9) The cement ball mill is positioned and pre-assembled with the cylinder in the manufacturer and marked for positioning and installation.

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