Features of three-layer anti-vibration pad

Three-layer shockproof pad ironEnergy efficiency attenuates the vibration of the machine itself, reduces the transmission of vibration force, prevents the transmission of vibration force, and ensures the accuracy and quality of processing dimensions. Control building structure resonant transmission of vibration force and noise. Make various types of machine tools for rough and finish processing to form production units to adapt to the development of logistics technology. Install and debug first when using it. Then wipe clean the anti-vibration working surface, and use it after confirming that there is no problem.

Three-layer shockproof pad ironIt can effectively attenuate the vibration of the machine itself, and ensure the accuracy and quality of processing dimensions. Installing the machine tool and using the machine tool adjusting horn can be fixed to the ground without setting anchor bolts, good vibration reduction and considerable vertical deflection, so that the machine tool is stable on the ground. The machine tool adjustment horn can adjust the level of the machine tool, and the adjustment range is large, convenient and fast.

Features of three-layer shock absorbing pad iron:According to production changes, the position of the machine tool is arranged at will to make the production line flexible. 2. Shorten the installation cycle and save installation costs. 3. It is convenient and quick to adjust the level of the machine tool. 4. Vibration isolation, vibration reduction, and noise reduction. 5. Oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

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