Features of the new drying oven

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New generation PH seriesDrying oven, Collecting years of production experience, introducing and digesting German technology, with high quality, reliability, and safety characteristics, a new type of forced air convection with a fanDrying/equipped with dual-purpose boxes, directly help universities, scientific research and production, and provide a reliable guarantee.

Drying ovenFeatures:

1. Mirror surface stainless steel liner is adopted, the four corners and semi-circular arcs are easy to clean, and the shelf spacing in the box is adjustable.

2. Microcomputer temperature controller, accurate and reliable temperature control. (Optional intelligent LCD program temperature controller)

3. Forced heating air circulation design to ensure uniform temperature in the studio.

4. The use of silicone rubber sealing strip and double-glazed door observation window makes the observation easy and clear.

Note: With “A” is the mirror stainless steel liner, without “A” is the galvanized sheet liner


1. Intelligent LCD program temperature controller………………1500 yuan

2. Control panel and printer (embedded or desktop)……. 1500 yuan / 2500 yuan

3. Independent temperature limit alarm……………………. 150 yuan

4. RS232/485 interface and communication software……………….. 600 yuan

Drying ovenIt is widely used for drying, heat treatment and heating of various grains and Chinese medicinal materials.The temperature controller controls the temperature to be constant and high and low, and the air flows from the bottom of the box when working
It enters the working chamber heated by the heating wire, and then is discharged from the exhaust hole on the top of the box.There is glass fiber as insulation material between the studio and the shell, the shell is made of steel plate, and the surface of the cabinet is sprayed with electrostatic powder.In the middle of the door, there is an observation window made of tempered glass.Drying ovenIt can be used for drying and dry heat sterilization of small-dose Chinese medicinal materials, water pills, water honey pills, concentrated pills, granules, tablets, liquid extracts, etc.also mayIt is suitable for drying, baking, wax melting, sterilization and curing in industrial and mining enterprise laboratories and scientific research units. It is also used for drying, heat treatment and heating of various grains.

Wenzhou Longxing Machinery Factory Editionhttp://www.lxjxc.cn

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