FAW-Volkswagen CC five-seater version will be put into production in the first half of 2011

FAW-Volkswagen CC is undoubtedly a dark horse in the 2010 China luxury car new car list. Its bold design style, elegant and dynamic temperament rewrites the rigid characteristics of domestic luxury cars. People are still immersed in the freshness brought by this car. A related person from FAW Volkswagen revealed to our reporter yesterday that the 2011 CC model that meets the higher demands of consumers is scheduled to be put into production in the first half of the year. Compared with current models, the biggest change in the new CC comes from the newly added 5-seater version.

As the main product of FAW-Volkswagen to enter the premium car market, the launch of CC can be said to have a long history of accumulation, and it has important strategic significance. With the increase in consumption levels, many young people have joined the premium car consumer group and become the most active part of the premium car consumer group. Their consumer needs are more demanding. How to quickly attract their attention is the key to entering the premium car market . Known as the “most beautiful Volkswagen”, CC not only puts a lot of effort into the appearance, interior design, materials and workmanship, but also the TSI+DSG powertrain, Dynaudio speakers and advanced intelligent equipment. High-end car experience.

According to reports, the 2011 CC models will be upgraded to higher standards based on market demand, such as launching five-seater models and models equipped with 1.8TSI new power. At present, the current CC rear seats are two independent seats. This design only appears in a few luxury coupes. Some domestic potential users hope to increase the five-seater model because the five-seater model has greater flexibility in the number of people. It is more suitable for a group of friends to travel, or for a mainstream family of five to go out and play together. In addition, in mid-July 2010, when CC was launched, the sales prices of five models were announced, but only three 2.0TSI models went on sale, and the other two 1.8TSI models were not officially put into production and sales. These two 1.8TSI models with a lower purchase threshold may enter the market directly as the 2011 models.

Volkswagen designer Luo Simon once said: “The ideal car is efficient, dynamic and responsible. For Volkswagen, design is a basic element. Volkswagen does not emphasize more fancy content, not fancy gimmicks. The design emphasizes a very solid simplicity, which is a very pure design. This purity and simplicity can make consumers better understand, understand and accept. “It is foreseeable that the 2011 CC will pay more attention to practicality. It is more worth looking forward to.

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