Factors affecting the machining accuracy of the core machine

Nowadays, many manufacturers of scoring machines are getting better and better, and they have gained a lot of advantages in the process of processing, because the application of scoring machines has become more extensive, which has prompted the design of this production equipment. And research and development, in order to meet the needs of mass consumers, the machining accuracy of the core machining is becoming more and more challenging, so what factors affect the machining accuracy of the core machining?

  •   1. The error of the machining process of the centering machine: mainly refers to the error in the processing due to the tool or the transmission factor, which is generally reflected in the processing of threads and some complex surfaces.
  •   2. Errors caused by adjustment in the process of core-moving machining: such as errors caused by inaccurate tool alignment.
  •   3. The error of the walking machine itself: that is, the error produced by the walking machine during the manufacturing process and the error caused by the wear during use.
  •   4. Errors of the jigs and fixtures of the core machine: Refers to the errors in the manufacturing process of the jig, the error of the spindle indexing and the errors caused by the matching with the core machine itself, and the errors caused by the wear and tear of the fixture for a long time.
  •   5. Error caused by the tool: The shape and accuracy of the selected tool will cause errors in the machining process.
  •   6. ​​Error caused by process force deformation: during the machining process, the clamping force, the influence of gravity and the cutting force produce mutual position changes, which lead to machining errors.
  •   7. Workpiece stress error: Workpiece error caused by residual stress during the production process.

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