Factors affecting shot blasting strength of shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine is currently a very widely used surface treatment equipment. The main part of the shot blasting machine is shot blasting. The strength of shot blasting directly determines the cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect. During the working process of the shot blasting machine, it affects the polishing ( What are the main factors of shot strength?

The first is the size of shot blasting. Of course, the bigger the shot blasting is, the better. In addition to considering the volume of shot blasting, the density of shot blasting must also be considered. After all, the larger the shot blasting machine, the smaller the shot blasting density. A reasonable value can not only ensure the coverage of shot blasting, but also ensure that the volume of shot blasting is appropriate. In addition, when there are grooves on the parts, the shot blasting diameter of the shot blasting machine should be less than half of the radius of the inner circle of the groove, and the coverage rate of shot blasting should be between 6-50 meshes as much as possible.

Then there is the speed of shot blasting. The speed determines the strength of shot blasting. However, it should be noted that the speed of shot blasting is not as high as the monthly height. If the speed reaches a certain height, it is easy to cause damage to the shot blasting.

The third is the hardness of shot blasting. When the shot blasting hardness is higher than the hardness of the part, the change of its hardness value does not affect the shot blasting strength; when the shot blasting is softer than the part, if the shot blasting hardness value decreases, the shot blasting strength also decreases. .

Of course, the spray angle is also very important, and even plays a decisive role. When the shot blasting jet of the shot blasting machine is perpendicular to the surface to be shot, the shot blasting intensity is the highest, so it should generally be kept in this state for shot blasting. If limited by the shape of the part, when small angle shot peening is necessary, the size and speed of shot peening should be appropriately increased.

Perhaps many people will not pay attention. In fact, the amount of broken shot blasting has a great impact on the strength of shot blasting. The kinetic energy of shot blasting fragments is low. The more shot blasts are broken, the shot blasting strength will gradually decrease and become irregular. The broken shot will scratch the surface of the part, so let the shot blasting machine get a better maintenance. It is necessary to remove the broken shot frequently to ensure that the complete rate of shot blasting is greater than 85% of the core shooting machine. The shot blasting equipment of different types of shot blasting machines is basically the same. Only some auxiliary devices are needed to more strictly control the shot blasting process. It can effectively increase the intensity of shot blasting, and play a more efficient and effective cleaning.

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