Environmental protection air-conditioning application factory workshop solution

Environmental protection air-conditioning application factory workshop solution

For clothing production and processing industries with high personnel density, the excellent cooling and air circulation functions of Songfa environmental protection air conditioners (increasing air oxygen content) not only enable workers to work physically and mentally, improve product quality, but also prevent sweat from staining clothing .

Project detailed introduction:

The project is located in Quangang District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. There are 6 floors of workshops, the 2nd and 4th floors are high-end suit processing workshops, the 3rd and 6th floors are shirts processing workshops, and the cooling workshop covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. The workshop has high personnel density, low oxygen content in the air, and very large heat generation in the ironing workshop. The maximum temperature in the workshop is above 38°C in summer. The production staff are sweaty, which seriously affects the quality of their products.

Introduction to the effect of environmental protection air-conditioning:

A total of 40 WS-B350 environmentally friendly air conditioners were selected for the project. The workshop adopts a comprehensive cooling mode. The air ducts inside the environmentally friendly air conditioners realize long-distance air supply. Each post is designed with air outlets, and the air outlet has a wind speed of about 3.5m/s. During the cooling season, the temperature of the workshop is basically maintained at 26~30℃, which greatly improves the working environment of workers and greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality.

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