EMIE 2012 The Fifth China (Beijing) International Environmental Monitoring Instrument Exhibition and Summit Forum

EMIE2012The 5th China (Beijing) International Environmental Monitoring Instrument Exhibition and Forum

Invitation card

TO:General Manager (exhibition relatedCC) FROM: Sunday 136 8158 4425

time:2012year11moon20day-twenty twoday Venue: Beijing·China International Exhibition Center

authority: Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China

Directed by: National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China

Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China

Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China

Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China

organizer: China Environmental Protection Industry Association

China International Cooperation Consulting Service Center

Special support: China Urban Environmental Sanitation Industry Association

China Environmental Scienceassociation

American Chamber of Commerce in China

China Environmental Culture Promotion Association

co-organiser: China Environmental Monitoring Station

China Machinery Industry Safety and Health Association

organizer: Zhongxin United International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Overview

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the state proposed to vigorously develop emerging industries, and energy conservation and environmental protection ranked first among the seven emerging industries. This is a great benefit to the environmental protection industry and the environmental monitoring instrument industry. At the same time, various local environmental protection departments have respectively issued a series of regulations and systems, which set forth regulations on pollution source emission standards and environmental monitoring data management in the region. The promulgation of these measures will indicate new developments in the development of the environmental monitoring instrument industry. The direction will inevitably bring a new round of market demand and hot spots to the environmental monitoring instrument industry.

The current development status of the environmental monitoring industry, in the next few years, my country’s environmental monitoring instrument production industry will continue to develop steadily and sustainably.According to the country’s increase in monitoring projects for heavy metals, ambient air, watersheds, soil, etc., as well as the increase in the number of monitoring points, the output value and total profits and taxes of the entire environmental monitoring instrument industry will be10%Around the speed of growth. In terms of instrument production and manufacturing, with the localization of the main components of domestic instruments, the market share of domestic instrument manufacturers will gradually expand, and foreign-funded enterprises will continue to develop environmental monitoring instruments in my country due to their advantages in key technologies. Occupy a certain share in the market. In terms of the industry operation market, with the strengthening of supervision by relevant departments, the number of operating companies will gradually decrease, and a few large-scale and strong operating companies will gradually become the main force in the operation market.

EMIE 2012The 5th China (Beijing) International Environmental Monitoring Instrument Exhibition and Summit Forum“Co-organized by China Environmental Protection Industry Association, China International Cooperation Consulting Service Center, and Zhongxin United International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd., will be2012year11moon20Day totwenty twoDay was grandly held at Beijing China International Exhibition Center. With the care and support of colleagues in the industry at home and abroad, this exhibition will better build a platform for publicity, exchange, display and trade for the environmental monitoring instrument industry at home and abroad.

Two major characteristics of the environmental monitoring instrument industry exhibition:

Strong international. The number and exhibition area of ​​international exhibitors, including foreign companies, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and Sino-foreign joint ventures, account for about 30% of the total exhibition scale.at the same timeInternational Environmental Monitoring Instrument Industry ExhibitionThe success of the event attracted the eager attention of international professional buyers or audiences.At that time, it will attract many well-known international and domestic companies to participate in the exhibition, and jointly show that it represents the worldEnvironmental monitoring instrumentThe highest level of products and technologies in the field.As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of thisEnvironmental monitoring instrument industryTop international exhibitions and nearly50,000 Famous international professional audiences met, in a truly international atmosphere ** business industry plans!

The audience is of high quality.Exhibitors at home and abroad generally reflectInternational Environmental Monitoring Instrument Industry ExhibitionOf professional visitors are the highest quality in similar exhibitions. 2011The exhibition attracted nearly 50 countries and regions including China50000Visitors visited, more than 80% of the visitors were manufacturers, suppliers, contracting or construction companies in the industry; 64% came to choose to purchase products or find partners, and 33% understood the latest developments in the industry and market . 17% of the visitors are keen to participate in various technical exchange activities during the exhibition and obtain the latest industry development information.

20000Square meters of exhibition area Expected400Exhibitors

Welcome the majority of manufacturers at home and abroad to actively register for the exhibition!

time:2012year11moon20day-twenty twoday

Venue: Beijing·China International Exhibition Center

Exhibition scope:

1. Continuous automatic monitoring system for ambient air;
Wastewater automatic online monitoring system;
Continuous automatic monitoring system of environmental water quality;
Automatic online monitoring system for exhaust gas;
Special equipment for sampling and monitoring gas pollutants;
Laboratory analysis equipment;
Emergency and portable monitoring equipment for environmental pollution accidents;
Special equipment for sampling and monitoring of water quality pollutants;
Radioactivity, noise, vibration, light, heat detector and continuous automatic monitoring system;
Data processing and transmission and other special monitoring instruments and equipment;
Laboratory equipment such as reference materials, chemical reagents and glassware used for monitoring and analysisWait;

Booth fee:

Booth type

Domestic exhibition area

International Exhibition Area

Foreign companies

Standard booth (3*3)

RMB 11800/9m2/Rollover

RMB 13800/9m2/Rollover

USD 4000/9m2/Rollover

Bare ground (36m2Rent)

RMB 1000/m2/Rollover

RMB 1200/m2Rollover

USD 400/m2/Rollover

outdoor(50Rent from ㎡)

RMB 850/m2/Rollover

RMB 850/m2/Rollover

USD 360/m2/Rollover

Standard booth fee: including exhibition venue,2.5mHigh siding, frieze plate production,9Square meter carpet, one negotiation table, two chairs,220VOne power socket and two spotlights. (Double opening plus20%cost)

The empty space does not contain any display racks and facilities. Exhibitors can arrange special decoration work by themselves or entrust a construction company recommended by the organizer.

Conference fees:Per person800Yuan. (Used for conference materials, lunch, souvenirs, etc.,According to the company’s voluntary).

Conference proceedings and advertisements:

In order to cooperate with exhibitors to promote during the exhibition and allow customers to understand the exhibitors and communicate with them after the meeting, the organizing committee will carefully compile and print the conference proceedings. In addition to distributing the conference catalogue to the professionals who visited the site, it is also sent to industry authorities, agents, sellers, user units, research institutes, associations (learning) and other units. Enterprises can publish the conference catalogue page and On-site advertising.(Proceedings specifications:210mmX285mm)

Conference Directory


back cover

Inside front cover/Front title page

Inside back cover/Back page

Cross-color page

Inside color page








Admission ticket10000Ten thousand yuan

Audience badge30000Yuan Exclusive

Exhibitor badge15000Yuan Exclusive

Inflatable arch30000Meta exhibition

Air balloon30000Meta exhibition

Information bag26000Two thousand yuan

Note: A detailed list of indoor and outdoor advertising spaces is attached separately

★Networking dinner; (estimated number of participants600People, among whom special buyers300people. We sincerely invite well-known companies to sponsor exclusively) For relevant materials, please contact the organizing committee.

★Technical exchange meeting: domestic exhibitorsRMB10000Yuan/Festival45minute International exhibitorsUSD2000Yuan/Festival45minute.

★Sponsorship and co-organization: first-level gold sponsorship8010,000 yuan, second-level silver sponsor60Ten thousand yuan, three-level bronze sponsor40Ten thousand yuan, detailed information is available on request, please contact the organizing committee in time.

Exhibition Service:

Free to be published in the conference proceedings200Brief introduction of the company

Assist in arranging the transportation of exhibitors,Accommodation and corporate exhibit transportationcustoms clearance

Exhibitors can get free visit tickets for free to invite their customers to visit the site

Exhibitors can provide the name of the target audience unit, which will be invited by the organizing committee

Registration procedure:

Participation application:The exhibitor shall fill in the “Exhibition Application Form” and fax or email it to the organizer after stamping.

Booth arrangement:With the principle of “register first, pay first, arrange first”, the organizer will ultimately reserve the right to move a small number of booths.

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