Eighth of the ten highlights of Shanxi fire fighting in 2008

  2008In 2015, the province’s firefighting forces implemented the * Commission of the Ministry of Public SecuritySanjiStrategic deployment of engineering construction as an opportunity to focus onStrengthen the grassroots and lay a solid foundation, To further strengthen the construction of basic infrastructure and increase the intensity of team building.Newly-added active-duty establishment of the province’s firefighting forces460Name, the province’s firefighting forces invested7887Ten thousand yuan, newly added various types of fire trucks49Vehicles, new equipment2.54Ten thousand sets.2008Year pair19Dilapidated barracks at the grassroots level have been renovated, and the total area of ​​renovated buildings in three years10.3Ten thousand square meters.The province’s firefighting forces actively promote environmental optimization, optimizing facilities, and optimizing functions.Three optimizationTarget management has reached that every squadron on duty has a good laundry room, a good bathroom, etc. elevenGood placeIt has created a beautiful and comfortable environment for duty and living for grassroots officers and soldiers, which has been highly affirmed by ministries and bureaus.At the same time, the fire forces launchedStrive to build an excellent police class, strive to create an excellent police force, strive to be an excellent officer and soldierPractical activities andNational Civilized UnitCreated activities, innovatively implementedDouble examThe leadership mechanism for selection of league cadres.

The informatization construction of the province has been further improved, the data entry of the information system of key fire safety units has been fully completed, and the fire supervision information system of public security police stations has begun to be promoted and applied. The “Shanxi Provincial Public Security Organs”Three in oneOpinions on the Construction of Police Subsystem for Fire Receiving and Disposal”, “Guidelines for Police Receiving and Disposal of the Detachment Command Center of Public Security Fire Forces in Shanxi Province”, in11moon14Held in Changzhi City in the name of the Provincial Public Security DepartmentThree in oneOn-site meeting of the construction of the police sub-system of the fire reception and handling system. According to the “Code for Design of the Fire Communication Command System”, each place is equipped with wireless trunking communication equipment such as ** station, vehicle-mounted station, handheld station, etc., equipped with explosion-proof walkie-talkie, detachment command vehicle and the first vehicle of the squadron NSAnti-vibration, waterproof and dustproofTotal dedicated on-board computers70Taiwan, to ensure the smooth communication of various complex fire scenes and disaster scenes.

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