Domestic second-hand equipment industry urgently needs to strengthen industry exchanges

Entering the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, most industries in my country have formulated a new round of development plans. In this new round of development, my country’s second-hand equipment industry should also make innovations and breakthroughs.

After these years of development, my country’s second-hand equipment industry has shown a more prominent contradiction that is the contradiction between the massive amount of information and the lack of transparency and poor communication.In recent years, my country’s economy has developed rapidly, and a large amount ofUsed Equipment, There are also many newly established small and medium-sized enterprises, and their demand for second-hand equipment is relatively large. Under these circumstances, my country’s second-hand equipment industry has developed rapidly. However, in the development process, the exposed information is opaque, and poor connection has become a prominent problem that hinders the development of the second-hand equipment industry.

How to properly resolve this contradiction?Wangyou·Second-hand Networkwww.fengj.comIndustry analysts believe that building a good communication platform is a feasible way to resolve this contradiction. Exhibitions, expositions, exchange meetings, etc. are all specific forms of communication platforms. The reasonable establishment of these platforms depends on the active actions of industry associations, government departments and other relevant units.

In some developed countries, the development of the second-hand equipment industry is relatively mature, and there are many models that my country can learn from. Germany is a big manufacturing country with an early industrial start and a mature development.Germany as early as1995Founded the annual German Karlsruhe International Second-hand Machinery Trade Fair in 1988.The exhibition is about every year4Held in Germany this month, it has a history of 16 years. It is reported that,2011Germany’s second-hand machinery and equipment exhibition in30Countries500The remaining exhibitors, including machine dealers, manufacturers and service industry professionals, are both used equipment purchase exhibitions and contact forums. It can be said that this fair is the “Hannover Fair” of the German second-hand equipment industry. In many countries in Europe, many second-hand equipment trade fairs are held every year, which is very beneficial to the docking and circulation of second-hand equipment information. Therefore, the circulation of second-hand equipment in Europe is very smooth.

Looking back at the professional second-hand equipment exhibitions held in my country, it is almost zero, which can be said to be a blank sheet of paper. Usually, second-hand equipment can only appear in the sub-sections of some exhibitions, and there has never been an independent second-hand equipment exhibition or expo.However, it is gratifying that the China Equipment Management Association and China Used Equipment Network last year4Successfully held a second-hand equipment professionalTrade Fair. It is reported that this exchange meeting has been held for the second time. The conference was unanimously recognized by the participants, and industry professionals who participated in the conference called for more such trade fairs to be held.

However, the author believes that only trade fairs are not enough, and the domestic second-hand equipment industry is eagerly looking forward to the creation of professional exhibitions and expositions. If we can fully learn and absorb foreign advanced experience, and regularly hold a certain scale of second-hand equipment expo in China, the problem of information mismatch will definitely be greatly improved, and the way forward for the second-hand equipment industry will be smoother.

(Source: Wangyou·Secondhand Network)

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