Domestic reducer enterprises should speed up the promotion of import substitution

In the Chinese reducer market, with the continuous increase in the localization rate of China’s reducer equipment, domestic reducer equipment manufacturers have taken a clear advantage in the domestic reducer market. Especially in the low-end reducer equipment market, the transformation from basically relying on imports to mainly domestically supplied has been completed, and the domestic reducer equipment has a dominant advantage in the low-end market share.

Industry experts from China Reducer Network pointed out that domestic reducer equipment manufacturers can win the flexibility of cost and selling price in a relatively short development process, and the rapid increase in the production capacity of domestic reducer equipment is indispensable. At present, the import rate of domestic reducer equipment market has been greatly reduced, and the import volume that cannot be replaced by domestic products is gradually decreasing. Domestic reducer manufacturers have been able to produce different types of reducer products with higher product quality. Supply.

With the continuous development of the industrial economy, the competition in the mechanical supporting field is becoming increasingly fierce, and foreign reducer brands are pressing harder every step, and domestic reducer companies are facing the problem of choosing market positioning. In order to complete the surpassing of foreign brands in the mid-to-high-end market of reducer products, to achieve a comprehensive replacement of imports, and to revitalize national brands, Chinese reducer equipment manufacturers should position the mid-to-high end, change the pyramid structure of the reducer industry, and eliminate and improve the focus on A large number of “workshop-style” private enterprises at the bottom of the industrial tower strictly control the impact of high-end foreign well-known enterprises in the reducer industry in terms of product materials, processing technology and process control.

It is believed that in order to really improve the level of production and processing, domestic reducer companies should introduce advanced numerical control equipment from Switzerland, Germany and other countries with advanced manufacturing technology to refine the processing of product parts, and at the same time introduce advanced production lines for reducer equipment to achieve small batches of products , Multi-variety processing, adapt to the rapidly changing market demand. In addition, domestic reducer equipment manufacturers should always pay attention to domestic market demand and foreign product development trends, so that domestic reducer equipment manufacturers will be in the forefront of foreign competitors in the same industry in product development and production.

China Reducer Network believes that if domestic reducer equipment manufacturers can continuously improve their production and processing levels, cooperate with good pre-sales and in-sale technical support and perfect after-sales guarantee services, they will surely be able to gain a firm foothold in the high-end market of reducer products. Fully imported substitution of reducer products.

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