Do you really understand the composition of CNC machine tools?Up position

CNCThe composition of CNC machine tools, Do you really understand?Up position

The application of CNC technology has brought about a qualitative change in the traditional manufacturing industry, especially in recent years.The development of microelectronic technology and computer technology has brought new vitality to numerical control technology. Numerical control technology and numerical control equipment are important foundations of industrial modernization in various countries.

CNC machine tools are the mainstream equipment of modern manufacturing industry. It is essential equipment for precision machining. It is an important symbol that reflects the technological level of modern machine tools and the technological level of modern machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, all industrialized countries in the world have taken major measures to develop their own CNC technology and industries.

CNCCNC machining

CNCIs englishComputer Numberical ControlAbbreviation forComputer data control, To put it simplyCNC machining, In the Pearl River Delta region, people are calledComputer gong.

Numerical control processing is an advanced processing technology in today’s machinery manufacturing, and it is an automated processing method with high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility. It is to input the NC program of the workpiece to be processed to the machine tool, and the machine tool automatically processes the workpiece according to people’s wishes under the control of these data to produce wonderful products.

Numerical control processing technology can effectively solve the complex, precise, small batch and changeable processing problems like molds, and fully meet the needs of modern production. Vigorously developing CNC machining technology has become an important way for my country to accelerate economic development and improve independent innovation capabilities. At present, the use of CNC machine tools in our country is becoming more and more common, and being able to master CNC machine tool programming is an important way to give full play to its functions.

CNC machine tools are typical mechatronics products. They integrate a variety of advanced technologies such as microelectronics technology, computer technology, measurement technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology and artificial intelligence technology, and are closely integrated with mechanical processing technology. A generation of machinery manufacturing technology and equipment.

CNCThe composition of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools are automated equipment that integrates machine tools, computers, motors, and drag, motion control, and detection technologies.The basic composition of CNC machine tools includes control medium, CNC device, servo system, feedback device and machine tool body, as shown in the figure

1, Control medium

The control medium is the medium that stores the position information of all the action tools required by the CNC machining relative to the workpiece. It records the machining program of the part. Therefore, the control medium refers to the information carrier that transmits the machining information of the part to the CNC device. There are many forms of control media, which vary with the types of numerical control devices. Commonly used are punched tape, punched cards, magnetic tapes, and magnetic disks.With the development of numerical control technology, perforated tape and perforated card tend to be eliminated, and useCAD/CAMThe software is programmed in the computer, and then communicates with the numerical control system through the computer, and the method of directly transmitting the program and data to the numerical control device is more and more widely used.

2, CNC device

The numerical control device is the core of the numerical control machine tool.Central system.Modern CNC machine tools use computer numerical control devicesCNC.Numerical control device includes input device and central processing unit(CPU)And the output device, etc. constitute a numerical control device that can complete information input, storage, transformation, interpolation, and realize various control functions.

3,server system

The servo system is a drive component that receives instructions from the numerical control device and drives the actuators of the machine tool to move. Including spindle drive unit, feed drive unit, spindle motor and feed motor, etc. When working, the servo system accepts the command information of the CNC system, and compares it with the position and speed feedback signals according to the requirements of the command information, drives the moving parts of the machine tool or executes the actions of the parts, and processes the parts that meet the requirements of the drawings.

4, Feedback device

The feedback device is composed of measuring components and corresponding circuits. Its function is to detect speed and displacement, and feedback the information to form a closed-loop control. Some CNC machine tools with low precision requirements without feedback devices are called open-loop systems.

5, Machine tool body

The main body of the machine tool is the entity of the CNC machine tool, and is the mechanical part that completes the actual cutting process. It includes the bed, base, worktable, saddle, spindle and so on.

The development of defense, aviation, and aerospace industries and the large-scale equipment of basic industries such as energy require the support of large-scale and good-performance CNC machine tools.And ultra-precision processing technology and micro-nano technology aretwenty oneCentury’s strategic technology requires the development of new manufacturing processes and equipment that can adapt to micro-miniature sizes and micro-nano processing precision.

8. Information exchange network

It can not only realize network resource sharing, but also realize remote monitoring, control, remote diagnosis and maintenance of CNC machine tools.

9. Green processing

In recent years, machine tools that do not use or use less coolant to achieve dry and semi-dry cutting energy-saving and environmentally friendly machine tools continue to appear. The general trend of green manufacturing has accelerated the development of various energy-saving and environmentally-friendly machine tools.

10. Application of multimedia technology

Multimedia technology integrates computer, audio-visual and communication technology, so that the computer has the ability to comprehensively process sound, text, image and video information.It can be integrated and intelligent in information processing and applied to real-time monitoring System and production site equipment fault diagnosis, production process parameter monitoring, etc., so it has great application value.

At present, the development of CNC machine tools is changing with each passing day. High-speed, high-precision, composite, intelligent, open, parallel drive, network, extreme, and green have become the trend and direction of the development of CNC machine tools.

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