Discussion and analysis on the development direction of drying equipment manufacturing industry in my country

Although the atmosphere of this year’s Autumn Fair is a little colder than that of previous years, it has been warmer than the Spring Fair in the first half of the year.

From the perspective of many small and medium-sized foreign manufacturers and products exhibiting, a noteworthy trend is that many small and medium-sized manufacturers such as tumble dryers are developing in the direction of emphasizing design and fine manufacturing. From the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises participating in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan in the International Pavilion, many of them are home-made enterprises, but in terms of their products, even basic and common tools, small machinery and equipment, etc., are very emphasized. The design, in terms of shape, design, color matching, product core function and manufacturing precision, is obviously different from similar products in Mainland China. In contrast, products in mainland China are rough in design and manufacturing. There is no doubt that the market prices of the two different types of products will also be very different.

It is understood that the current mechanical products, whether it is dryers, ball mills, or crushers, have increased the number of small and medium-sized enterprises that emphasize design and materials. This is a characteristic of recent Canton Fairs. In fact, the organizers of the Canton Fair are also adapting to this change. In recent years, the Canton Fair has deliberately eliminated extensive raw material products (such as mineral products, chemical raw materials, etc.) in the selection of exhibitors, introduced more value-added small and medium-sized enterprises, and attracted foreign design companies to participate in the Canton Fair. Some European (France, Italy) and Asian design companies have special areas in the exhibition hall, and the corporate design commission business obtained from the Canton Fair is gradually increasing.

The so-called “fine industry” refers to those high-value industrial product production activities and production systems that have continuous innovation in design and material use, as well as high-quality control. Simply put, “fine industry” is the kind of manufacturing that emphasizes design, materials, and high-level processing. It should be pointed out that “fine industry” is not the same as only emphasizing industrial design. Industrial design only emphasizes design, but “fine industry” also emphasizes factors such as materials and high-quality manufacturing. Our company has a long-term supply of heavy machinery and equipment such as tumble dryers and slime dryers.

In the past, when China talked about industrial upgrading, there were two main meanings: First, at the economic level, industrial upgrading mainly refers to the improvement of industrial structure and the improvement of industrial quality and efficiency. Second, at the technical level, industrial upgrading mainly refers to the use of technological innovation and technological progress to improve the efficiency and level of the industry. In both cases, it is possible to abandon the original industry or manufacturing form. However, the views on these two levels are still insufficient to reflect the full connotation of industrial upgrading. In our view, the manufacturing industry can significantly improve the level of the industry without abandoning the original industry and manufacturing form by strengthening industrial design, improving materials, and upgrading the level of processing and manufacturing! The significance for the enterprise is that it can gain new market space with minimal investment in improvement. In our opinion, this is exactly one of the essence of the “fine industry” emphasized by relevant people!

The development of fine industry also has macroscopic significance for China. The future of China’s manufacturing industry lies in branding the fine industry to the world and injecting new connotations into “Made in China” to replace cottages and world factories. The high added value of manufacturing can only be realized on the basis of “fine industry”. Talents and employment can only be stabilized on this basis. Manufacturing professionals with a higher level will not move around like assemblers with strong substitution.

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