Dingsheng’s special crusher for calcium carbide slag turns waste into Jinshan

Recently, Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Yidong Group Dongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement in Zhuozi County, Ulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to jointly build a cement production line with a daily output of 2500 tons of clinker calcium carbide slag.

As a circular economy project, this 2500-ton clinker calcium carbide slag cement production line makes full use of the calcium carbide slag discharged from its chemical industry and industrial wastes such as pulverized coal and desulfurized gypsum discharged from thermal power plants to produce cement. After the project is completed, about 1.55 million tons of industrial waste discharged by the industrial park and surrounding chemical and power generation companies can be used every year, with an annual output of 800,000 tons of clinker and 1 million tons of cement. The annual sales can reach nearly 350 million yuan. The profits and taxes are about 170 million yuan.

It is reported that calcium carbide waste residue is a large amount of waste residue after the production of acetylene from calcium carbide. The disposal of calcium carbide waste slag includes sea reclamation, regular stacking in ditch filling, and sale after natural settlement; calcium carbide waste slag is used to replace limestone to make cement, and to produce chemical products. Among them, calcium carbide slag has uniform composition and high calcium content. It is a high-quality cement raw material. It is the largest amount and the most thorough method to replace limestone to produce cement. According to the latest policy on the production of cement from calcium carbide waste residue, the existing calcium carbide slag cement production line can be modified by wet grinding and dry burning production process, and the new type of dry cement production process must be adopted for the newly built calcium carbide slag cement production line.

In order to ensure that calcium carbide slag turns waste into treasure, reduce enterprise investment costs, and obtain good economic, environmental and social benefits, for the crushing stage of calcium carbide slag used in cement production, Zhengzhou Dingsheng based on the characteristics of electrolytic stone material and particle size characteristics. According to the demand, a special crusher for calcium carbide slag has been specially developed and produced for the further crushing of calcium carbide slag. “More breaks and less grinding” is a sharp tool to greatly improve the efficiency of calcium carbide slag grinding! Dingsheng’s special-purpose crushing of calcium carbide slag replaces the third stage, solving technical problems for many enterprises producing cement from calcium carbide slag, truly reducing production costs and increasing customer profits.

To further realize economic growth and develop low-carbon economic production, Zhengzhou Dingsheng has been working hard!

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