Congratulations to the swimming pool equipment manufacturer-General Manager Cao Long of Denuo Swimming Pool Equipment for being awarded the “Top Ten Businessmen in Guangzhou”

2013year3moon31On the same day, the 4th South China District Awards Ceremony for Top Ten Chinese E-commerce Businessmen and Shanren Information Student Sharing Meeting kicked off at the beautiful Zhongshan Sheraton Hotel. This awards ceremony was organized by China Electronic Commerce Association, Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association and Co-hosted by Shanren Information Group, Shanren Information Group President Liu Hong, Vice President Chen Fei, Vice President Zhang Gaofeng, Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou New Express, Foshan Daily, Zhongshan Daily, Dongguan Daily and other media and leaders from local e-commerce industry associations attended , Guangdong area400Many entrepreneurs came here in particular.

After more than three months of selection, a group of companies that have made outstanding achievements in the transformation from traditional industries to networks have been selected. Companies in different industries in South China such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan40Entrepreneurs awardedTop Ten Merchants,8EntrepreneursSpecial Contribution Award.

Swimming pool equipment manufacturersDeno Swimming Pool EquipmentMr. Cao Long, the general manager, has the honor to winTop Ten Businessmen in Guangzhou,hopeDeno Swimming Pool EquipmentInternet business can become more and more bullish. With the help of network curve overtaking, the real bullishness on the Internet will createDeno Swimming Pool EquipmentThe miracle of internet marketing!

The list of top ten best businessmen in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou Denuo Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd. (Cao Long)

Guangzhou Oulei Watch Industry Co., Ltd. (Oulimu)

Oops Jewelry Chain Co., Ltd. (Ye Guofu)

Guangdong China Holiday International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (Chen Zhicheng)

Guangdong Lvshou Health Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (Pi Taotao)

Guangzhou Finney Electric Co., Ltd. (left forward)

Guangzhou Qiao Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Dong Jia’s name)

Guangzhou Fengzhi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (Wang Zhaorong)

Guangzhou Heai Marriage Service Co., Ltd. (Mild)

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