Configuration instructions for each component of the automatic slitting machine

1. Unwinding parts:

The package is placed on the entire trolley to realize overall movement correction. The unwinding adopts the central pneumatic shaft positioning, and the photoelectric hydraulic rectifying automatic side-aligning device controls the side. The tension is controlled by the magnetic powder brake when unwinding the package.

2. Slitting parts:

The slitting machine uses a heavy-duty air knife for cutting. The width of the slitting machine can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the ruler. The cutter shaft is made of hard alloy steel. The cutter shaft is independently driven by the motor, and is synchronized with the winding motor through the encoder output signal. The waste edge is guided by rollers, which can directly enter the waste barrel.

3. Rewinding part:

The rewinding is positioned by the central pneumatic shaft, and it is loaded and unloaded in the form of a safe chuck. The tension control adopts the taper controller for automatic control. The end face of the winding roller is equipped with a magnetic powder clutch, and the tension of the material during winding is automatically adjusted according to the input parameters. And you can set the deceleration advance to accurately control the length.

4. Electrical control part:

The electrical control of this machine is controlled by a fully automatic touch screen, and the equipment is automatically adjusted according to the input parameters (material thickness, initial coil diameter, production speed, coil diameter, tension, etc.) when the equipment is running.

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