Composition and function of hose pressure blasting testing machine

Hose pressure blasting test machineScope of application

It is suitable for testing the pressure resistance and blasting performance of various automobile hoses, hoses, air-conditioning pipes, automobile assemblies and other products. It is used to measure the burst pressure and pressure time of various types of pipe fittings. It is widely used in the production, development and research of various hoses such as quality inspection units, various auto parts manufacturing units, product quality inspection stations, scientific research institutions and other fields. The pressure test system is composed of a pressurizing system and a control and display system. The pressurization system is mainly composed of a liquid booster pump, etc., which mainly completes the pressurization and pressure holding of the system, which can ensure the pressurization and pressure holding of the long-term test. The control and display system mainly completes the work of controlling the pressure of the driving gas, controlling the pressure relief, displaying the pressure in time, and controlling the pressure. Editing equipment composition 1. Core components: pressurize the liquid through the liquid booster pump to meet the test pressure requirements. 2. Pneumatic two-parts: filter and adjust the pressure of compressed air; 3. Speed ​​control valve: adjust the flow of driving air to adjust the operating frequency of the supercharger, which can prolong the service life of the supercharger; 4. High-pressure filter : Filter the gas; 5. High-pressure pressure limiting valve: set the automatic shutdown and opening pressure of the supercharger to ensure that the supercharger can automatically stop when the pressure is set. Editing equipment features 1. Equipped with a gas-driven liquid automatic booster pump, which can easily achieve any adjustable and controllable output pressure. 2. Small size, light weight, beautiful appearance. 3. All pressure-bearing parts adopt internationally renowned brand standard parts, without any welding connection, convenient for disassembly, high safety factor, long life and easy maintenance. Technical parameter editing 1. Driving air pressure range: 0.1-0.8 Mpa; and the output pressure is proportional to the driving air pressure. 2. Maximum air consumption: 1Nm3/min. 3. Pressure test range: 0-300Mpa. 4. Working medium: water, hydraulic oil, emulsion. 5. Portable automatic recorder can be configured. Main function editing 1. The inner and outer wall panels and glass windows of the test chamber have explosion-proof and anti-scalding functions, which are convenient for operation and observation; 2. Safe and reliable grounding protection; 3. Heater short-circuit protection; 4. Electric control system with protection device, start It can automatically power off the whole machine and give an alarm at time; 5. The computer automatically completes graphics processing, data processing, and data management, and controls the hydraulic system to achieve the target pressure according to the command pressure rate. 6. Curve method: pressure-time.

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