CNC machine tool data collection MDC helps Daguo Heavy Equipment

The development of aero engines requires advanced processing and manufacturing equipment as a basis. While the aero engine is being updated, it also continuously puts forward requirements for the management of the production site. To build a newer aero engine, a refined management method is needed to ensure the quality of production, so as to adapt to the development of aero engines.

Not long ago, such a media message has aroused the attention of the whole world. The first large-scale ** transport aircraft independently developed by my country, the Universiade-Yun 20, made its maiden flight in Yanliang, Xi’an, marking a solid step taken by the Chinese Air Force to the level of a strategic air force. Its reality The significance is comparable to manned space engineering. It is understood that the Dayun-Yun 20 engine was developed by a military industrial enterprise in Xi’an. During the manufacturing process, GALLOP’s MDC system played an important role in production management and quality control for the enterprise.

The meaning and function of MDC system

MDC (Manufacturing Data Collection) is a set of software and hardware solutions for real-time collection of production equipment status and production data, and analysis and feedback in the form of reports and charts. In the early 1990s, Gallup was the first to introduce MDC lean manufacturing management concepts and solutions to China. Based on more than 20 years of global technology precipitation and nearly 14 years of local application in China, it truly helped manufacturing companies’ digital integrated production management.

Application of MDC in aero engine workshop

The production characteristics of aero engines (Figure 2) are: high product quality requirements. The quality of aero engines and key components directly affects its performance and operational safety. Extensive on-site management has resulted in domestic aero engines and key components in the production process. The problems of poor product consistency and low qualification rate in this article have become an important bottleneck restricting the development of high-performance aeroengines; WeChat: Gallopeng has strict production process control, and the production process One piece of equipment, each production station and personnel information, etc. At present, most aero-engine companies have a disconnect between manufacturing and management information, and process and management personnel cannot obtain relevant manufacturing information in an intuitive way, nor can they directly control product production.

The MDC system conducts real-time collection and analysis based on the three main resource data of the aero engine production workshop, personnel, and machinery and equipment, and uses more than 25,000 standard reports or charts to finely reflect the current operating status of the workshop, while providing relevant information to the entire enterprise. Information materials. For example, the operation status report of processing equipment connected to the aero-engine workshop can show the current working status of each equipment: whether it is available to know whether it is idle, how the status is set (equipment debugging), running or malfunctioning, etc. In addition, it can also display the information of the current task and the operator of the machine.

In terms of data collection methods, MDC has three methods of automatic, semi-automatic and manual data collection. It uses PLC logic, digital signal collectors, barcode readers, PC (or touch screen) terminals for manual input, and can also use CNC macros for CNC equipment. Commands and so on to achieve data collection. The collected data relates to the spindle speed, spindle load, feed rate and actual feed of the production equipment in the aero engine manufacturing workshop; current and historical equipment alarm information; equipment current status information, such as processing, idle, or emergency stop ; Equipment tool information; equipment current mode, such as JOG, MDA, Auto, etc.; coordinate axis information, such as coordinate axis displacement, movement direction, spindle information, etc.

For the production equipment status monitored and collected, MDC generally has an equipment status kanban, which can display the number and name of the equipment currently communicating, and can also monitor the current status of the production equipment in real time (operation, shutdown, clamping, disassembly, etc.) , Including statistics on equipment utilization rate (actual operating rate), productivity, qualified rate of parts, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), production trend and other indicators.

By monitoring the status of production equipment, aeroengine manufacturing engineers or managers can quickly query on-site status statistics without leaving their desks, and accurately analyze the distribution of equipment status and time and equipment utilization, so as to understand how equipment resources are in real time What is used, and more importantly, is that it can see where preparation time, downtime and idle time can be reduced to achieve real-time and transparent management of the production site. WeChat: gallopeng In terms of quality control, MDC collects and analyzes the production quality data of parts and components in real time, and accurately and clearly tells managers how to control the quality changes in the production process, so that the scrap rate can be controlled in time, and the production efficiency can be improved. Solve quality bottlenecks. In addition, the collected equipment operation data can also help aero-engine companies to continuously improve equipment maintenance management, including equipment post-maintenance, preventive maintenance, improved repair, maintenance prevention, and production maintenance, and ultimately promote TPM production and maintenance of all employees and TPEM. Staff production equipment maintenance.

On-site monitoring of aero engine production is becoming a trend

The development of aero engines requires advanced processing and manufacturing equipment as a basis. While the aero engine is being updated, it also continuously puts forward requirements for the management of the production site. To build a newer aero engine, a refined management method is needed to ensure the quality of production, so as to adapt to the development of aero engines.

In the production process, we need to know in real time: What is the work going on in production? What parts are produced in the workshop now?

How many parts have been scrapped in the production process? Who is making the parts? Which team? Is the equipment in processing, malfunctioning or idle? Timely feedback of such issues requires strict monitoring of production equipment, and real-time collection and analysis of equipment status and production data. These equipment status and production data are of great significance for improving the processing quality of parts, improving workshop production capacity, and reducing production costs.

At present, China’s aviation engine industry is facing unprecedented historical opportunities and challenges. In today’s unpredictable international situation, China has included the aero engine industry in the high-tech ranks and set out to establish a major special aero engine project. As an aviation power, power comes first, the development of domestic aeroengines is imminent, and improving the transparency and fine management of the aeroengine production process will be one of the core tasks of the domestic aeroengine manufacturing industry.

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