China YTO uses agricultural machinery resources to enter the tobacco machinery market

A few days ago, China YTO Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Henan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company), and decided to build a major tobacco machinery manufacturer in China in the form of a major tobacco science and technology project. R&D and production base. This marks the clarion call for China YTO Group to enter the tobacco machinery market.

According to the arrangement of the agreement, China YTO Group will establish the Henan Tobacco Agricultural Machinery R&D Center. The enterprise will focus on the development of tobacco field machinery and equipment such as tobacco transplanting, tobacco topping and branch harvesting, tobacco field fertilization and top dressing, focusing on the goal of mechanization of the whole process of tobacco leaf production. It will further integrate supporting tobacco planting mechanized equipment and strengthen the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy. Model research, unify agricultural machinery and agronomic technical standards, and ensure the realization of supporting applications and system integration. The Provincial Tobacco Bureau (company) will use demonstration-driven and pilot-led methods to systematically display and promote tobacco agricultural machinery and equipment jointly developed by the two parties in the province, and demonstrate to promote the level of mechanized operations in the entire process of tobacco leaf production.

Last year, China YTO Group continued to maintain a good position in the domestic market share of large and medium-sized tractors. Among them, the market share of large-wheel tractors increased by 1.26% year-on-year, ranking first in the industry; the market share of medium-wheel tractors was 22.59%, a year-on-year increase of 1.12 percentage points, ranking first in the industry. However, the growth rate of the entire grain machinery industry continues to slow, especially the overall decline in the tractor market is severe.

“Accelerating the pace of product structure adjustment and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises have become the top priority of China YTO Group. In this context, tobacco machinery, as an emerging field in the agricultural machinery industry, has become the new direction of the group’s transformation.” The relevant person in charge of China YTO Group said.

It is understood that many and complicated tobacco leaf production links, coupled with the fact that most of my country’s tobacco leaf production is located in hilly and mountainous areas, and the lack of advanced and applicable special machinery research and development capabilities have become a bottleneck restricting the entire mechanization of my country’s tobacco leaf production.

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