Changge household small generator rental process

As people become more dependent on electricity, they cannot leave at any time. However, there will always be insufficient power supply in life, especially in the hot summer and cold winter, which will lead to excessive electricity consumption. In order to ensure the electricity demand during the power outage, some families rent a generator in advance. This has also prompted the rise of the domestic generator leasing industry, but many families are still very unfamiliar with the generator leasing process. Therefore, in order to let everyone have a deep understanding of generator leasing.Changge generator rentalThe center shares with you the rental process of small household generators.

1. Determine the power demand: Calculate the power, current, voltage and other data required by your company, determine the operating status of the unit (commonly used or standby), and the operating status of the unit (indoor or outdoor).
2. Determine the number of leased aircraft, monthly rent, and stipulate the payment method, time limit, location, period of use, and liability for breach of contract;
3. Sign a contract and send technicians to install and debug according to the contract to ensure the normal use of the unit.

Note: Since the size of the generator set provided by the company is calculated based on the standard conditions of power factor 0.8, altitude below 1000 meters, and ambient temperature of 5-40 degrees Celsius, the company is responsible for the maintenance, consumables and oil of the generator set, and the user should prepare Connect the cables well. And diesel.

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