Can concrete machinery usher in spring in 2012

The footsteps at the end of 2011 are getting closer and closer. Looking back at the impact of the economy, railways, real estate and other aspects of the concrete machinery industry during this year, it has been quite difficult along the way; affected by the general environment, it will be a major impact on the upcoming 2012. There is not much expectation that the year will fall. The bell of 2012 is about to ring. Will the spring of the concrete machinery industry successfully usher in the brilliant blooming of winter jasmine? Self-analysis is also required.

Looking back on the development history of the construction machinery industry, companies have spread across the country, product updates have become more common, and purchase methods have become more and more diversified. Should they be strong in technology? Does the product quality stand up to storms? Is the service truly in place? It relies on independent innovation rather than copycats. I can stand up and say that there are very few state-owned enterprises that I can do. A series of hidden dangers are hindering the development of my country’s concrete machinery industry.

Nowadays, the development of concrete machinery is becoming more and more magnificent, going abroad and galloping overseas markets; however, it leaves more impressions of overseas markets that it is only cheap. Can it still gain a foothold if there is no price war? Not only the overseas market, but even the domestic market is somewhat dangerous; the domestic construction machinery market has entered an era of borderless competition, and the Chinese construction machinery market has become a must for domestic and foreign construction machinery manufacturers, and newcomers The threat of competition brought by domestic and foreign manufacturers will inevitably bring a fatal blow to companies that blindly rely on prices to fight the market. As we all know, my country is a big country of concrete machinery manufacturing rather than smart manufacturing and creation. Now that it has passed the golden tenth anniversary of the construction machinery industry, it has also accumulated a certain amount of basic wealth. Should we consider developing in the direction of smart creation?

There is still a hidden danger in the domestic market. Many customers recognize overseas brands but do not recognize state-owned brands. It seems that the price war did not bring about sales but brought a crisis; therefore, price wars are not the only way out for the construction machinery industry. Construction machinery should follow the brand line , To fight against price wars.

Buying products is not only the quality of buying, but also a key factor is service. The improvement of technical level is not as popular as the warmth brought by service personnel. Now we can see that more and more companies are preparing to build 4S stores, 6S stores, and service Miles. It can be seen that my country’s construction machinery industry has gradually begun to pay attention to this aspect of service.

Analysts believe that the multi-polar, diversified and colorful global construction machinery industry era has come. I believe that our country, where the construction machinery industry is undergoing periodic repairs, can devote more energy to combining product value, service value and brand value into one under the depressed environment, and hope that it will become concrete in 2012. A turning point in the development of machinery.

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