BYD invests in electric vehicles in public transportation to super-private passenger cars

“BYD is to be the number one supplier of the main solution to the electrification of urban public relations,” said Wang Jianjun, a spokesperson for BYD’s company, at the Shenzhen Electric Vehicle Conference. This is a clear declaration by BYD to enter commercial electric vehicles after the electric bus K9 rolled off the assembly line in Changsha in September.

Fu Yuwu, executive vice-chairman and secretary-general of the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers, said that China’s new energy strategy should be understood and understood from where to start? From the big to say it is a bus, from the novel it is a small pure electric vehicle. Buses and taxis are the easiest to achieve, because the government provides subsidies, and all countries do this.

According to Shenzhen’s plan, 60 billion yuan will be invested during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period to build a national-level new energy automobile industry base. At present, BYD’s e6 pure electric vehicle has been put into trial operation in Shenzhen Customs.

Shenzhen 60 billion national base

Shenzhen will build a national-level new energy automobile industry base, and the plan has been included in Shenzhen’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.

According to the plan, the national-level new energy automobile industry base covers an area of ​​nearly 15 square kilometers. After it is completed and put into production, it will achieve a production capacity of 300,000 electric vehicles. Key components such as batteries, electronic controls, and motors will have more than 300,000 vehicles. The vehicle supporting capacity will reach 80 billion yuan in annual output value. The industrial effect of new energy vehicles driven by this is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan.

At the same time, Shenzhen Automobile Company BYD said that in the future, it will put a considerable part of its energy into the commercial vehicle field and become “the number one supplier of urban bus electrification solutions.” Specifically, the company’s pure electric sedan e6 is used to replace ordinary fuel taxis, and the pure electric bus e9 that just rolled off the assembly line in Changsha in September to replace ordinary fuel buses, to “realize the electrification of urban buses.” BYD spokesperson Wang Jianjun said.

New energy vehicles in Shenzhen started in 2004. After nearly 6 years of exploration and development, a relatively complete industrial chain of new energy vehicles has been formed. Since 2009, Shenzhen has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as one of the country’s first energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration cities, and the country’s first batch of pilot cities for private purchase of new energy vehicles.

At present, the e6 electric taxi provided by BYD has been put into use, and the battery equipped with the car has a maximum cruising range of 300 kilometers. Although some charging stations have been established in the customs, the drivers still need to return to the company to charge.

Urban electric bus layout will become a breakthrough

For BYD, it turns to the commercial electric vehicle field. Industry insiders analyzed that, “On the one hand, you can get government subsidies for urban buses; on the other hand, the current battery cost is still high, and the price of electric vehicles is also high. BYD’s brand cannot support selling such expensive cars, so passenger It is very difficult to promote the civilian use of cars.”

“Electric buses have obvious advantages as urban buses. One is social benefits and the other is economic benefits.” BYD President Wang Chuanfu said that in the future, BYD’s investment in electric vehicles for public transportation will exceed that of private passenger vehicles.

In fact, BYD is not the only one aiming at this piece of cake in the commercial field of electric vehicles. At present, many domestic automobile manufacturers, including China FAW, Ankai, and Yutong, have independently developed pure electric buses. Some have been offline, and some have been put into trial operation.

In terms of market capacity, a BYD K 9 long aisle electric bus costs 2 million yuan, and a Chinese brand electric bus produced by Shandong Yixing costs 1.3 million yuan each. If all 500,000 public buses across the country are replaced by electric buses, plus auxiliary facilities such as charging stations, the market size is predicted to reach trillions of yuan.

From a technical point of view, Ouyang Minggao, a professor at Tsinghua University, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and director of the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, said, “We have developed a hybrid power system for public transportation, which has reduced fuel consumption by 20% to 45%. .”

In fact, electric buses have made preliminary progress in our country. When talking about the electrification of urban buses, Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, said, “At the Shanghai World Expo, more than 1,000 electric vehicles of various types were put into demonstration operation, of which 500 pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles were responsible for the zero emission of public transport in the park. Mission. The total number of passengers carried exceeds 120 million, and the operation intensity is ten times that of Shanghai’s public transport vehicles.”

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