Bulldozers in April: Domestic demand is sluggish and exports are growing steadily

In April 2012, my country’s bulldozer sales were 1,075 units, a decrease of 9.28% month-on-month. Although the sales volume still reached 1,000 units, the sales volume had fluctuated compared to the previous month; due to the large base in the same period last year, the month-on-year decrease was 33.56%.

◆ Few projects started, the market continues to be sluggish

From January to April 2012, 11 major bulldozer manufacturers in my country sold a total of 3,702 bulldozers, a year-on-year decrease of 43.93%. This shows the degree of market downturn.

Entering April, the sales of bulldozers are still at a relatively low level, and there has been a significant decline compared with the same period in the previous two years. It is understood that the financial investment of local governments has not been in place on time, which has prevented many new projects from starting on time, market demand is not strong, and sales have decreased. It is expected that the bulldozer industry will still experience a downturn in the next few months.

◆ Shantui continues to lead, and the overall market is sluggish

From January to April 2012, Shantui sold 2,442 bulldozers. Although a year-on-year decrease of 45.17%, Shantui still had a market share of 65.96%, stably occupying the top spot in the bulldozer market.

In second place is Shaanxi Zhonglian, which sold 272 units from January to April, a year-on-year decrease of 4.56%, accounting for 7.35% of the entire market share, and the gap with Shantui is still obvious. Xuangong ranked third with the sales of 202 units, a year-on-year decrease of 61.23% and a market share of 5.46%.

Judging from the sales data of the first four months, only Dadi and Xiagong performed better than the same period last year, while other manufacturers experienced varying degrees of sales decline.

◆160-179 horsepower is still the main hit, and demand continues to shift to both ends

Compared with January-April 2011, the demand for various horsepower products has declined to varying degrees. Among them, the 140-159 horsepower range has the largest decrease, reaching 71.98%; followed by the 120-139 horsepower range, with a decrease of 56.78%.

The main products are still products in the 160-179 horsepower range, with a market share of 56.67% in 2012.

◆Export sales are popular, and will support half of the market

From January to April 2012, my country’s total export sales of bulldozers amounted to 1,378 units, a year-on-year increase of 22.16%, accounting for 37.22% of total sales. Among them, several brands such as Shaanxi Zhonglian, Dadi, Liugong and SINOMACH have seen larger increases. Pengpu and Xuangong have experienced a year-on-year decline. Judging from the overall trend of domestic and export sales of bulldozers, the proportion of exports will continue to increase.

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