Briefly describe the working principle and product characteristics of gear oil pumps

The gear pump uses two gears to mesh with each other to work, and the requirements for the medium are not high. The general pressure is below 6MPa, and the flow rate is relatively large. The gear oil pump is equipped with a pair of rotating gears in the pump body, one active and the other passive. The entire working chamber in the pump is divided into two independent parts by the meshing of the two gears. A is the suction cavity and B is the discharge cavity. When the gear oil pump is running, the driving gear drives the driven gear to rotate. When the gear is engaged to disengaged, a partial vacuum is formed on the suction side (A), and the liquid is sucked in. The sucked liquid fills the valleys of the gears and is brought to the discharge side (B). When the gears are engaged, the liquid is squeezed out to form a high-pressure liquid and is discharged out of the pump through the pump discharge port.

Product features of gear oil pump:

1. Compact structure, easy to use and maintain.

2. It has good self-priming, so there is no need to pour liquid into it every time before starting the pump.

3. The lubrication of the gear oil pump is automatically achieved by the conveyed liquid, so there is no need to add lubricating oil during daily work.

Gear oil pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power, grain and oil, food, medical, building materials, metallurgy and national defense scientific research industries. Gear oil pump is suitable for transporting lubricating oil without solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature not higher than 150℃, viscosity of 5~1500cst or other liquids similar to lubricating oil. Try various occasions that have coagulability at room temperature and require heat preservation during outdoor installation and process in high-cold areas.

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