Brief Introduction of Shenyang Forest Frequency High and Low Temperature Alternating Humidity and Heat Test Chamber

Product use (High and low temperature alternating temperature humidity test chamber)

This series of products is suitable for aerospace products, information and electronic instruments, materials, electrical engineering, electronic products, various electronic vitality parts, in high and low temperature or humid and hot environments, to test their various performance indicators.

Box structure

The box body is processed and formed by CNC machine tools, with beautiful appearance and non-reactional handle, which is easy to operate.

The inner bladder of the box adopts imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304) mirror panel, and the outer bladder of the box is sprayed with A3 steel plate, which increases the texture and cleanliness of the appearance.

The water replenishment tank is placed in the lower right part of the control box and has automatic protection against water shortage, which is more convenient for the operator to replenish the water source.

The large observation window is equipped with illuminators to keep the inside of the box bright, and uses the built-in tempered glass in the heating body to clearly observe the situation inside the box at any time.

The humidification system pipeline is separated from the control circuit board, which can avoid malfunctions due to water leakage in the humidification pipeline and improve safety.

The piping circuit system of the waterway system adopts door opening, which is convenient for maintenance and overhaul.

A double-layer high-temperature-resistant high-tensile sealing strip is used between the door and the box to ensure the airtightness of the test area.

The left side of the box is equipped with a test hole with a diameter of 50mm or 100mm, which can be used for external test power lines or signal lines. (The aperture or number of holes must be increased when ordering).

The bottom of the machine adopts high-quality fixed PU movable wheels.

refrigerating system

The refrigerator adopts the French original “Taikang” fully enclosed compressor.

The refrigeration system adopts unit or binary low temperature loop system design.

The multi-wing blower is used for powerful air circulation to avoid any dead angles and make the temperature and humidity distribution in the test area even.

The wind circuit is designed to circulate the air outlet and return air, and the wind pressure and wind speed are in compliance with the test standards, and the temperature and humidity at the moment of opening the door can be stabilized quickly.

The heating, cooling, and humidification systems are completely independent to improve efficiency, reduce test costs, increase lifespan, and reduce failure rates.

Control System

The temperature and humidity control instrument adopts the “Korea” imported large screen (5.7 inch LED display), the screen is simple to operate, the program is easy to edit, no key input is required, and the screen is directly touched for options. (Korea TEMI880 instrument)

The operation interface of the controller is available in Chinese and English, and the real-time operation curve can be displayed on the screen.

It has a capacity of 100 groups of programs, 1000 segments, 999 cycle steps, and the maximum value for each segment of time is 99 hours and 59 minutes.

After data and test conditions are entered, the controller has a screen lock function to avoid shutdown due to human touch.

With RS-232 or RS-485 communication interface, programs can be designed on the computer

With the function of automatic calculation, the temperature and humidity change conditions can be corrected immediately, so that the temperature and humidity control is more accurate and stable.

Meet the standard: GB/T2423.1-2008 GB/T2423.2-2008 GB/T2423.3-2006 GB/T2423.4-2008

Specifications and technical parameters

Model LP/**JS-100 LP/**JS-225 LP/**JS-500 LP/**JS-800 LP/**JS-010

Studio size 45*45*50 50*60*75 70*80*90 80*100*100 100*100*100

Dimensions 120*110*165 130*115*190 145*140*2100 155*160*225 185*160*225

Power (-40℃) 5.5 (KW) 6.0 (KW) 9.0 (KW) 10.5 (KW) 12.5 (KW)

Temperature range: A:-20℃~150℃ B:-40℃~150℃ C:-60℃~150℃ D:-70℃~150℃

Humidity range: 30~98%RH

Fluctuation/uniformity: ±0.5℃/±2℃

Humidity deviation: +2, -3%RH

Heating rate: 1.0~3.0℃/min

Cooling rate: 0.7~1.0℃/min

Controller: Imported programmable touch LCD display in Chinese and English dialogue.Microcomputer integrated controller

Accuracy range: setting accuracy: temperature ±0.1℃, humidity ±1%RH, indicating accuracy: temperature ±0.1℃, humidity ±1%RH

Temperature and humidity sensor: platinum resistance PT100Ω/MV

Heating system: fully independent system, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heater

Humidification system: external isolation type, all stainless steel shallow surface evaporative humidifier

Dehumidification system: adopts laminar flow contact dehumidification method at the dew point temperature of the evaporator coil

Water supply system: Humidification and water supply adopt automatic control. And the remaining water can be recycled.Water saving and consumption reduction

Refrigeration system: French original “Taikang” fully enclosed air-cooled single-stage/cascade compressor refrigeration method

Circulation system: temperature-resistant and low-noise air-conditioning motor.Multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel

Outer box material: high-quality carbon steel plate.Phosphating electrostatic spray treatment/SUS304 stainless steel matte line hairline treatment

Inner box material: SUS304 stainless steel high-quality mirror light board

Insulation material: polyurethane rigid foam / ultra-fine glass fiber cotton

Door frame heat insulation: double-layer high and low temperature aging resistance silicone rubber door sealing strip

Standard configuration: Multi-layer heating defrosting with 1 set of illuminated glass window, 2 sample racks, 1 test lead hole (25, 50, 100mm)

Safety protection: leakage, short circuit, over temperature, water shortage, motor overheating, compressor over pressure, overload, over current protection/controller power failure memory

Power supply voltage: AC380V±10% 50±0.5Hz three-phase four-wire system

Use environment temperature: 5℃~+30℃ ≤85%RH

Note: 1. “LP/**JS” is the model of high and low temperature alternating damp heat test chamber.

2. The above data are all at ambient temperature (QT) 25℃.Measured under no-load conditions in the studio

3. Non-standard high and low temperature alternating damp heat test chamber can be customized according to the specific requirements of users

This technical information is subject to change without notice

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