Brief introduction of ball mill compartment board

The function of the compartment version of the ball mill is to isolate the size of the grinding body and adapt it to the size of the material to be crushed, and to prevent large particles from escaping from the discharge end, and on the other hand to control the movement of the material in the mill Speed, partition board can be divided into single-layer partition board and double-layer partition board.

a. Single-layer compartment board, single compartment is based on the grinding inner material surface difference to make the material overflow type discharge. It is composed of grate board and center board.

b. The double-layer compartment has the function of forcing material flow, which is not affected by the material surface difference. At present, the FLS combined double-layer compartment board is mostly used. Its structure is composed of coarse sieve plates, blind plates, support plates, front plates, and fine sieve plates.

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