Brief analysis-key issues in the development of ball press technology

For many years, due to the particularity of the coking process, there has been no reasonable treatment method for the chemical production waste generated by the recycling system of the domestic coking plant every year, and it has accumulated more and more for a long time, which has a bad impact on the environment. “Therefore, solving the pollution problem of chemical production waste residue is one of the effective measures to develop a circular economy.

There are four key issues in the development of briquette equipment technology such as briquetting machine:

  1. Solve the problem of low-cost, wide-source, and effective binders

Briquette is a coal product with a certain shape and certain physical and chemical properties, which is formed by processing one or several types of coal powder and a certain proportion of binder or sulfur-fixing agent under certain pressure. As the basic binder of coal blending technology, soft pitch has the disadvantage of high price. In the coking process, 50% is converted to coke material, so the turnover loss is high. Moreover, soft pitch can be widely used in the production of pitch coke or needle coke. It is a valuable asphalt resource. Therefore, finding a cheap, widely sourced, and effective binder to replace soft pitch is a key to the development of coking with coal blends.

  2. Fully kneading coal and binder

This is an important link to ensure the most effective use of the binder and improve the strength of the briquettes. The kneader is the key equipment to achieve full kneading.

  3. Reliable ball press

Generally, roller ball presses are used. This kind of forming machine has large production capacity, compact structure, uniform pressed ball, but short pressing time, forming pressure of 20-50mpa, which is sufficient for cold-pressed briquette with binder. In order to compact the coal in a short time under pressure, a uniform distribution and feed adjustment device is provided. In order to ensure that a complete ball is pressed, the two pressing rollers should also be equipped with corresponding adjustment mechanisms for the axial and radial gaps. The shape and smoothness of the ball bowl of the roller ball machine are important factors that affect the smooth demolding. Generally, a pillow-shaped ball bowl with a small thickness is used.

  4. Cooling, conveying and anti-breaking of the shaped ball

This is another important link to ensure the perfect ball rate. Because the ball is formed under 80-100mpa, the binder is evenly distributed on the surface of the coal particles, but it is still in the form of a liquid film, so the strength of the coal is not large. The use of a mesh conveyor with air ventilation and cooling can cool the coal while conveying the coal to increase its strength, but the transportation distance should be shortened, the drop during operation and entering the warehouse should be reduced, and corresponding anti-breaking devices should be adopted. Some also unload the shaped balls onto the pulverized coal conveyor belt and run together with the pulverized coal to reduce the impact and increase the rate of the whole ball.

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