Brand-type chemical dryers highlight the unique new development of charm

In the current environment of China’s manufacturing market, if an enterprise wants to achieve another level of development, it must continue to work hard and improve to ensure the continuous development of product quality and the continuous improvement of its own competitiveness. Gongyi Ounuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on two strategies: technological innovation and quality management. “Complicate simple things” means that for seemingly simple problems, no details should be overlooked. Any details must be caressed and questioned. This is the characteristic of quality management. In the face of simple things, we must understand the complexity behind it. Relationship. Upgrade the production and manufacturing level, keep narrowing the technological distance with international advanced enterprises, pay attention to the application and mastery of high-end technology, pay attention to the research and development of independent technology, and form its own industrial characteristics.
The working principle of the coal gangue grinder-According to the working principle, driven by the motor, the two sets of rotors connected in series rotate at high speed at the same time, and the material is crushed by the upper rotor in the inner cavity of the machine and is immediately crushed by the hammer of the fast rotating lower rotor. , The materials in the inner cavity collide rapidly with each other and crush each other to achieve the effect of hammering powder and powder, forming particles with a discharge size of less than 3 mm. This particle size can fully meet the requirements of brick manufacturers as internal combustion bricks.
Gongyi Ounuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ball press series products. Since the establishment of the factory for several years, the company has continuously updated equipment and improved production technology. Ball equipment series products. As the main production industry of our company, Uno will continue to adhere to its own development style in 2013, with reliable quality, reasonable price and perfect service. At present, the most advanced ball press manufacturer in the industry, Uno has always been at the forefront of manufacturing technology, striving for survival by quality, development by science and technology, market-oriented, and honesty as the foundation. Our equipment is well-manufactured, durable and long-lasting, has a wide range of applications, a variety of options and easy maintenance, and has won unanimous praise from users!
The working principle of the slime dryer-during the drying process is divided into the following four working areas: one is the guide area, the wet slime enters this area and quickly evaporates a large amount of water after being in contact with the high-temperature negative pressure hot air, the slime is in the large When the guide angle’s copy board is moved, it will lead to the next work area if no adhesion is formed; the second is the cleaning area, where the wet slime is picked up by the copy board to form a material curtain state, and the material will easily form a bonded roller when it falls. Wall phenomenon. In this process, the cleaning device also has a crushing effect on the agglomeration of the material balls, thereby increasing the heat exchange area, improving the efficiency of heat and mass transfer, and increasing the drying rate; the third is the inclined lifting plate area. The zone is a low-temperature drying zone, where the slime is already in a low-moisture and loose state, and there is no adhesion phenomenon in this zone. After heat exchange, the finished product reaches the required moisture requirement and moves into the final discharge zone; the fourth is the discharge zone. In the material area, the dryer drum does not have a copy board in this area, and the material rolls and slides to the discharge port in this area to complete the entire drying process.
Coal Gangue Crusher-There is no grate bottom screen, all kinds of wet materials can be crushed, and there is no adhesion and blockage. At the same time, the double-rotor hammer can crush the upper and lower stages. The crushing ratio is large, and the discharge particle size does not exceed 3mm, which can meet the production standard. Requirements for bricks and hollow bricks. The hydraulic and electric starter casing can be opened and closed easily by only one person. It is not only lightweight, fast, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain. The equipment is energy-saving, excellent in quality, simple and convenient to maintain, and has many advantages such as fewer wearing parts, small occupation area, wide application range, strong fixation, fixed and mobile operations, and easy to move.

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