Beautiful high-efficiency, convenient and low-consumption equipment due to the wood grinder

Under the severe market situation, overcome various difficulties, accelerate the pace of technological transformation, enhance the technical strength and competitiveness of enterprises, strengthen the management of product quality, and effectively guarantee product quality, and move towards refinement and scientification.

High-quality coal gangue grinder products are the guarantee of users’ trust. Professional services make users more trust in our brand. Uno’s grinder service center takes customers as the development center. Supporting and serving customers is our eternally promised service concept. . To provide considerate services to the majority of customers, to provide users with professional opinions and suggestions, so that each user can feel relieved and comfortable in the process of purchasing products.

The coal slime dryer is mainly used in the coal washing industry. The coal with greater moisture and ash content remaining after washing the clean coal in the coal washing plant is the coal slime. The slime drying equipment is used to dry and dehydrate the slime, which can be renewed. It is currently more popular to sell coal against coal or directly make fuel coal. The equipment is to transport the coal slime with high moisture content to the strong hot air dryer for drying, and then send the crushed coal gangue or coke foam to the automatic batching mixer with a forklift to add glue and stir, and then send it to the press The block machine is pressed into coal blocks, and finally enters the shaping dryer. The product produced by this equipment has beautiful appearance and adjustable heat output. At present, the dryer equipment is a popular new product in China.

The research and development of the lignite dryer has solved this problem. The lignite dryer can efficiently dry the coal mine impurities, lignite and other resources produced in the mining area. On the one hand, the application of coal slime is greatly improved, and on the other hand, it is also greatly reduced. The environmental pollution caused by improper storage.

Desulfurized gypsum has high water content and strong viscosity, so it is easy to adhere to the equipment during loading, unloading, lifting, and transportation, causing material accumulation and blockage. If it is directly used in cement production, it will cause poor transportation and uneven mixing of the material , The emergence of problems such as normal production. The desulfurization gypsum ball press produced by Uno’s manufacturer can first ballize the wet desulfurization gypsum to change its physical properties, reduce the adhesion of materials to each other, and increase the fluidity can completely change the desulfurization gypsum Problems in the cement production process. The desulfurized gypsum can be supplied to cement plants as a retarder after processing and utilization, and it also reduces the discharge of industrial waste residues, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

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