Operators increase their cross-industry, how to break through the integration of ecological warfare

Operators have a clear trend of “cross-border”. Recently, China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. immediately announced that it will jointly produce 52 episodes of the large-scale animated series “The… Read more

The problem with Boeing’s flight control system was the key issue that caused the crash of two Boeing 737Max planes.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that Boeing concealed “relevant” information about the flight control system among employees in 2016, which was related to the crash of two Boeing 737Max planes.… Read more

Is it possible to install a low EMI power supply on a crowded circuit board?

“Limited and shrinking circuit board space, tight design cycles, and strict electromagnetic interference (EMI) specifications (such as CISPR 32 and CISPR 25) these limiting factors have all made it difficult… Read more

Rockwell Automation and Comau join hands to help manufacturers simplify robot integration

Milwaukee, USA, Turin, Italy, April 21, 2021——Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK), one of the world’s largest industrial automation, informatization and digital transformation companies, and Comau, the world’s leading industrial automation and… Read more

Alipay officially launched the smart service card function, covering scenarios such as airports

A few days ago, the Alipay homepage officially launched the smart service card function. This function aggregates and displays a variety of service information based on scenes, which will help… Read more

Sinopharm Noda independently developed a smart logistics integrated service platform

With the continuous advancement of the “Healthy China” strategy, with the medical data center as the core, automation, informatization, and intelligence have become the most significant features of modern medical… Read more

Avnet: IoT security will become the cornerstone of smart city development

“Under the major examination of the epidemic, technology applications in many smart cities have played an important role in the fight against the epidemic. In recent years, China’s smart city… Read more

Guangdong Power Grid Foshan Power Supply Bureau successfully completed the first fully automatic closed-loop self-healing test of the entire network

At 3:16:40 on September 17th, the Foshan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation connected to the 110kV Taiping Station self-healing 110kV Taiping Station 731 Nencha Line-Trunk 42 Tower… Read more

IPC releases “The Status of Global Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain”

Recently, the International Electronics Industry Connection Association (IPC) survey interviewed hundreds of companies in three regions, including North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. During the epidemic, material costs, labor costs,… Read more

Gartner: Deepfake and generative AI let us enter the world of zero trust

Gartner has released a series of “Predicts 2021” research reports, one of which outlines the significant impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have in the next few years, including a wide… Read more

Description of the purpose and precautions for use of the total station electronic rangefinder

“The total station, also known as the total station Electronic rangefinder, is a high-tech measuring instrument integrating light, machine and electricity. It integrates horizontal angle, vertical angle, distance (slope distance,… Read more

The design of solar, wind and wind energy complementary street lamp controller based on 51 single chip microcomputer

“The design consists of STC89C52 single-chip circuit + solar panel circuit + fan power generation circuit + lithium battery charging protection circuit + boost circuit + voltage regulator circuit +… Read more

Optoelectronics Information Weekly Selection (July 31-August 6, 2021)

It’s the weekend again, and August has arrived. The following is a selection of optoelectronic information for everyone, please take a look again! 【Industry News】 Nanostructures can record high-order harmonics… Read more

Small as a needle: Ams Osram launches the world’s ultra-small digital camera module for disposable endoscopes

China, July 28, 2021-Ams Osram (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading optical solutions provider, today announced the launch of the NanEyeM camera module for disposable medical endoscopes, expanding its NanEye products… Read more

Gree Gaming Robot’s patent is authorized, and a number of robot patents have been applied for

According to data from Tianyan Check, recently, the Zhuhai Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned by Gree Electric, has added a number of patent information, many of which… Read more