Application of Yonghang Perforated Suction Belt

With the continuous development of industry and machinery, in order to meet production needs, special processing such as punching, adding stoppers, and adding guide bars is usually carried out on the belt.Perforated suction beltIt is a relatively common type of industrial belt, which is generally divided into through holes and counterbores. The shapes are: round, square, diamond, oval and so on. Guangzhou Yonghang can customize different hole spacing, different shapes of holes and the number of punched holes according to the drawings provided by customers, and apply them in different fields!

The following is the summary of Yonghang based on years of production and sales experiencePerforated suction beltThe five major functions and corresponding application areas:

1: It has the function of suction, and ventilates the finished or semi-finished products that need ventilation. It is usually used in printing machinery and box pasting machinery (such as: paper laminating machine, tile laminating machine, corrugating machine, veneer and other equipment)

2: It has a precise function, along the horizontal or vertical direction, precise holes on the belt, can accurately convey the products, usually used in dumpling machines, egg pickers, etc.

3: With drainage function, the transportation of cleaning products can let the water on the belt flow away, such as clearing the line to dredge the conveyor belt

4: Accessories can be installed, such as grain machinery, grain machinery, hoist, hoist, etc.

5: Can store materials, such as metal parts polishing equipment

>>>Yonghang Transmission Belt Company has been focusing on for 10 yearsbeatHole suction beltR&D and production, using the factory direct sales model, eliminating the need for middlemen to make price differences, saving more than 60% of indirect costs, providing one-stop product supporting services, and providing 6 months of free warranty service and technical support! Welcome to visit Yonghang official website for more relevant information, Yonghang will serve you wholeheartedly! Copyright of the article: Yonghang Transmission Belt Co., Ltd., please indicate the source for reprinting, thank you for your cooperation!

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