Applicable conditions of stainless steel pressure transmitter

The service life of the stainless steel pressure transmitter can be prolonged under suitable conditions. It is recommended to use the stainless steel pressure transmitter under the following conditions:

1. The operating temperature range is the lowest operating temperature and the highest operating temperature. Generally, it is -20~80℃. If the temperature is high, other cooling measures are required.
2. The pressure range is the minimum pressure and the maximum pressure difference to be measured. Generally, pressure transmitters have an overload capacity of 1.5 times.
3. The measurement accuracy is generally used in occasions, and the 0.5% accuracy is more. If the measurement is required to be more accurate, 0.2% or 0.1% measurement accuracy can be required.
4. The medium to be measured varies with the medium to be measured, and the requirements for the pressure transmitter are different. Such as acid and alkali resistance, ceramic sensors are better. The shell is resistant to acids and alkalis, etc.
5. The output signal is what kind of signal can be received by the relevant secondary instrument. Most of them use 4-20mA, and there are other output signals such as 0-5V, 0-10V or 0-20mA.
6. The interface size is based on the customer’s on-site use conditions, processing the corresponding installation size.

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