Analyze the use and characteristics of cast iron slabs

Cast iron slabs are used by Beijing 304 Institute, Beijing Xinghua Machinery Factory, Shanghai Metrology Bureau, Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Second Bureau, Southwest Metrology Regional Station and other units. They agree that in addition to ordinary and necessary performance, they also have unique high-quality characteristics:

1. The cast iron plate is durable, cutting enough and long-lasting, and still has good machinability after light guide sand, and it feels smooth during research.

2. It is easy to obtain the higher finish and grinding compatibility required by the gauge block, and the mirror surface of the workpiece is blue and bright.

3. The cast iron slab can be sanded with a simpler method, and the sanding is fast, and the amount of sand is sufficient. After use, the same type of sand is still easy to be applied, and after sanding, the finish is significantly improved. It is widely used in power equipment, textile machinery, ceramic industry, environmental protection equipment, railway locomotives, railway locomotives, railways, railway locomotives, aerospace, ship manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, and other fields.

When customers buy a marble grinding platform, they often have some parameters that differ from the national standards. In the design, the height of the granite slab, the I-shaped ruler, the working surface, and the ribs can be changed reasonably to suit the actual demand for the marble detection slab. We know that the marble platform is designed in accordance with the “Machinery Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China” JB/T7974-2001, and the actual needs of the granite inspection slab must be considered in the actual application. The granite fitter platform produced by our factory is made of high-quality “Taishan Green” natural granite material through mechanical processing and manual fine grinding. Black luster, precise structure and uniform texture, good stability. The hardness can be compared with high-quality tempered steel. The accuracy of the general surface can exceed the accuracy that other materials can achieve. The marble workbench is an ideal reference level for the inspection of instruments, precision tools, and mechanical parts.

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