Analyze the improvement of the internal characteristics of energy-saving ball mill equipment and the pursuit of external characteristics

The so-called inherent characteristics of energy-saving ball mills refer to the inherent characteristics of products including product performance, component quality, assembly quality, appearance quality, etc., or simply called quality. At this point, it is the current focus of many ball mill manufacturers and their efforts to improve and improve the direction. In fact, we can find that many products are tested in the factory and sent to the user to run, but often fail to reach the factory inspection results, such as overload, increased noise, failure to meet the requirements or reduced life span, etc. And other aspects of the problem; and the operating point or operating characteristics of the ball mill in practice, we call it the external characteristics or system characteristics of the ball mill.

When designing a product, technicians often spend a lot of effort to improve the efficiency of a certain product by one percent. If the operation of an energy-saving ball mill deviates from the designed high efficiency point, the actual operating efficiency is far more than one percent reduction. Now, ball mill manufacturers also provide users with control equipment including frequency conversion and complete sets of equipment, which has actually been involved in the pursuit of the external characteristics of ball mills. On this basis, paying attention to the centralized control system of the ball mill to improve the operating efficiency of the entire ball mill is a higher level in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the ball mill.

From a sales point of view, promoting products is to promote the internal characteristics of the ball mill; while focusing on the external characteristics of the ball mill is that the manufacturer is not only promoting the product, but also promoting the production line of the ball mill. From the perspective of use, a good product must be a product suitable for the operating environment rather than a product determined by factory inspection.

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