Analysis of the market trend of pad printing technology

Pad printing technology has developed from the last century to the present, and has a history of several decades. It has reached a very mature stage in terms of technology and brand operation. The development of pad printers towards automation is the consensus in the industry. This is the fundamental way to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and it is also an inevitable requirement for the transformation of pad printing technology from labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive industries.

General-purpose fully-automatic pad printers are relatively rare in innovation, but there are still many surprises in fully-automatic pad printers that target specific products. For example, automatic pad printers for printing CDs, and automatic pad printers for printing wine bottle caps. The automation of the pad printing machine essentially means the automation of the product conveying. As for the pad printing, the printing part has little change. A variety of new technology information has broadened our horizons, the infiltration of other printing technologies has given us new inspiration, and customer interviews have made us passionate about the realistic requirements of pad printing machine automation.

At present, the most commonly used pad printers with a high degree of automation are the pad printers with turntable conveyors. The printing process is completely automatic, but the process of placing and removing the work piece still relies on manual work. The degree of automation loves to affect. The vast majority of manufacturers still have imperfect countermeasures in considering the quality problems that arise in the printing process. Even such a pad printer must face many challenges in order to complete the true automated printing.

At present, with rising labor costs and increasingly higher requirements for technical capabilities, in terms of manufacturing capabilities, we must attach great importance to the development of automatic printing equipment, so that manufacturers can adjust their production capabilities in a timely manner and strengthen specialized and systematic production capabilities.

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